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Cherry Kiss - Secret Behind The Hole!

Medicine is a noble profession, but it is not all a humorless grind. In fact, it's well-known that doctors and nurses, living under intense and emotional pressures dealing with their patients, turn into some of the horniest people to relieve their own psychological tensions. Nurse Cherry Kiss, hard at work at DDF Genital Hospital, is a perfect example of this. She has been busily going through some X-rays and doing the all-important administration work that is also a necessary part of her job, when suddenly she feels very randy and must do something about it pronto. Luckily Cherry's boyfriend Totti is with her at all times--secretly hidden behind the wall of her office, but his cock readily available simply by slipping it through a hole! Yes, Nurse Cherry has her own private secret glory hole, and nobody is the wiser since she keeps Totti in there 24/7, slipping him food and drink and helping him take care of other necessities when they arise. In this way she keeps a dick at her “lick and call,” you might say, and she worships it thoroughly, strokes it, kisses it, slides her beautiful fingernails over it, all the while playing with her pussy too. Totti knew that he'd have to fill this function in her life; she told him so on their first date, and he happily accepted! Now he gets his nuts drained a few times a day when Nurse Cherry gets the urge, and through the wall he can hear her rubbing her pussy, pulling down her panties, and gushing with delight when he gushes with goo all over her hand! And one thing he especially loves is when she uses his cock as a hook for her bra!!

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