Sexy Venera – An enticing Jacuzzi set!

You know the new year is kicking into high gear when you’re getting a brand new pictorial and HD video of our top-rated model Sexy Venera! This amazing beauty from Greece quickly became legendary in the minds of our members with her incredible 34G-23-34 figure.

But it’s not just about numbers with Venera–it’s her charisma too, which comes through in her vivid green eyes and seductive glossy mouth, and in the way she holds her body and teases us slowly and tantalizingly with her astounding rack. This time she’s relaxing in the outdoor Jacuzzi, presenting her glorious glands in a snug blue bra that can barely contain those boulders.

The masterful cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews get exactly the perfect angles to let Venera work her magic on our minds and balls. She plays in the water, showing us her tight ass and beautiful back which are equally as alluring as her tits. She holds up her jugs on her forearm, presenting a shelf of erotic excitement to our hungry orbs. Slipping a finger into her tiny white thong, she alerts us to the delights of her tasty pussy below.

Who wouldn’t want this fantastic creature in his arms?? Finally she takes off her bra and her fantastic floppers fall free. Oh to feel them smacking against our faces and engulfing our dicks! Venera presses her boobs together, one on the top of the other, and licks them. Then she splashes around in the pool, her bells brazenly hanging down into the lucky water!

She licks her nipples some more, lifts up her knockers like two fleshy weights, and squeezes them as she looks into our eyes with an expression that lets us know without a word spoken that she understands EXACTLY what we must do when she’s on our screens…and that she wants us to do it EVERY TIME we look at her pix and video and SEVERAL TIMES A DAY!! Judging by her lushly lipsticked grin, it’s clear that Sexy Venera takes great pleasure in imagining the grunts, groans, and squirts of her gigantic horde of fans!!

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Sexy Venera is probably the most slim and stacked beauties active in the world of porn today! Her super huge boobs, small waist, tight ass and slender legs have really created an stir among fans of big tits. She will also cause a stir in your pants!

The huge breasted blonde makes quite a hot dominatrix. Her boobs bulge out over the top of her black leather zip up corset. You’ll beg her to unzip the tight top so you can see her massive tits when she teases you with the swell around her deep cleavage. Venera will let you see but you can’t touch. She takes out her tits so you can worship their incredible girth. She also takes off her thong panties so you can get a good look at her hot ass and succulent pussy.

Merciless with her teasing Venera flaunts her incredible boobs and her open twat. Will you submit to what strikes her fancy? Will you taste the sting of her riding crop?

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The battle prowess of the ancient Greeks is legendary, and when you consider that our model hails from Greece, the daring and courage of those long-ago warriors against insane odds makes perfect sense! The mighty 300 Spartans would naturally have fought like hell against 300,000 invading Persians to protect women who looked like this! I’d kick me some long-ago invader ass too if I had a Venus of the Twin Boulders like Sexy Venera waiting back at my hearth!! At 34G-23-34 and 5’3”, her proportions are as heroic as the deeds of the men who defended the pass at Thermopylae almost 2500 years ago!

Starting out in a white lacy super-bra, red thong, white stockings, and red ankle strap shoes, Venera gives us 300,000 reasons to stroke our peckers as she teases with her world-class cleavage, juggling those jigglers in their cups until she lets her nipples slip out. With an understanding look, she encourages us to tug as she squeezes her sacks. Then she begins to undress, leaning over to undo the buckles of her ankle straps so we can see her bells sway back and forth. Finally taking off her stockings, she gets into a bath, and from behind we feast on the incredible shape not only of her butt, but also of her boobs as they flare widely across her upper torso!!

Venera soaps up her mams with the bubbles, then rinses them with gleaming cascades of water. Using her upper arms, she jams her torpedos together, then stretches back in the tub as if waiting for us to teleport our lusting bodies into her bathroom so we can service her fabulous form. This Glamour Queen of Modern Greece deserves not only to be our Model of the Day, but also merits a gaggle of guys to simultaneously suck her nipples, lick her clit, fuck her pussy, and tongue that tight bungie! Come to think of it, maybe 300 Spartans would be required do the job properly!

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I’ve seen my share of slim but stacked girls in my time but Sexy Venera takes it to the extreme! She is a petite girl with a hot little ass, thin legs and a very small waist. Still she has very big tits! Her bra size is 32G which tells you a lot. Her chest is slender, the size is in what is filling those bra cups-it’s all in her natural boobs!

Venera is a hot little vixen too. Check out the tongue on this babe! Can you think of anything you’d like her to do with that? I’m pretty sure you can. Also, take note of how her hot clit pokes out. This is the kind of girl that anyone would love to jump in the sack with!

The sexy blond gives us a good poolside show here. She strips out of a sexy, virginal white dress and shows off her body in a devilish black bikini. The bikini top appears to be made to shove Venera’s huge boobs up and out so they are right in your face. She strips out of that and is naked for us to drool over. As you can expect from DDFBusty, the show goes on, getting hotter and hotter until there is an explosive climax!