Huge tits of Leanne Crow

Leanne Crow’s latest HD video and high quality photo set is truly something special! As good as Leanne usually looks she even looks better in her incredible red and black leopard print dress! Her sin kissed breasts look awesome with the shiny material of the dress stretched tightly around them. The top of her boobs left bare we get a good look at Leanne’s beautiful cleavage. The dress is very short so we also get a good look at Leanne’s sexy legs!

Leanne takes the dress down over her boobs so we can see them naked! Her huge tits are simply amazing. They are so huge! They are also nice and round. Her nipples get hard and stick out like they are screaming out to be played with and sucked on. You’ll get to see Leanne’s mind blowing jugs from many angles as the gives a boob show.

Her panties match the dress and after a while she takes it off. As much as I love Leanne’s massive tits I think her ass is one of the best too. Leanne is just all around hot as can be! Seeing her stripping and showing off her luscious body is one of life’s great pleasures and this is my favorite example of her doing what she does best!

Busty Leanne Crow in bathroom

Huge tits stunner Leanne Crow has some of the most massive boobs you’ll ever see on such a beautiful woman. The buxom brunette, courtesy of DDFBusty, invites you to come in to her bathroom for an intimate look at her breathtaking boobage. Somehow, as beautiful as Leanne’s big tits are, they look even more spectacular when wet!

In high definition video so clear you’ll be able to taste the water dripping off her round breasts, Leanne bathes her boobies while you watch. This is after she gives an awesome boob show in her very thin, very wet white shirt. You’ll get to see Leanne’s incredible boobs from every conceivable angle as she plays with and washes them. You’ll also get a look at her plump rear end! If you’re like me you love seeing a gorgeous buxom woman wrapped up in a thick towel and after she dries off you’ll get to see Leanne’s cavernous cleavage with her enormous tits wrapped up snugly.

Busty Leanne Crow soloing

In this sexy photo shoot ultra busty Leanne Crow strips out of a little black dress. We then get a good look at her huge rack in a size 32GG bra. As you can see in the photo above she is looking totally gorgeous in her hot pink garter belt, garters and with those sexy stockings.

Leanne slides the straps of her bra down over her soft shoulders showing us more and more of her massive tits. Finally we get to see this buxom beauty’s naked breasts. Because she know how much her fans love her humongous boobs she takes her time in showing them.

She rubs her nipples making them stick out. She squeezes them together making them bulge out even more and showing us how deep her cleavage is. We get to see Leanne’s tits getting squeezed and rubbed just the way we would do it if we were there with her!

Busty lesbians naked at pool

Kelley Scarlett and Leanne Crow are two big breasted British babes who really seem to have taken a liking to each other! This is their second time together, the first was an extremely sexy big boob carwash spectacular. Now they get their giant titties wet and glistening with water in a pool.

Both girls start out in bikinis and they look absolutely incredible with their tops packed full of jiggly tit flesh. Their gigantic orbs bulge out from the stretched to the limit cups of their bikinis in a way that is sure to get a rise out of many a big boobs fan! Playfully the gorgeous twosome splash around in the pool getting themselves nice and wet.

The girls finally take their tops off and we get to see their amazing naked tits. Leanne’s are huge-like two massive balloons full of bouncy pleasure! Kelley’s big tits are beautiful as well, very large with nipples (one pierced) that stand out at attention. Kelly and Leanne play with their racks, squeezing them and mashing them together between their arms so they bulge way out into the sun shine. It’s obvious that these two are out to give everyone a raging hard on!

When these busty and wet hotties get out of the pool and take their bikini bottoms off your going to want to blast a load all over their heaving hooters! Of course the video is filmed with the creativity that has made DDFBusty the number one big tits website. The only thing that could be better than watching Leanne and Kelley together in high definition would be to be there yourself to rub sun tan lotion all over their curvaceous bodies!

Leanne Crow showing her tits

Leanne Crow, who gains in popularity with every new appearance here (this is her fifth) gives us yet more eyefuls of her 34H melons as she sits in the backyard and enjoys a cool drink…mostly on her tits! Pouring herself a glass out of a rooster-shaped pitcher–I have a feeling that rooster is standing in for all of us boob lovers!–Leanne cools her tatas with the iced drink. The liquid streams down her paps in little rivers, and then Leanne presents her jugs to us in low angle views that make us ready to lick off every drop.

Miss Crow slips off her white shift and shows us her blue-gray panties with white lace trim. Then she sits down and rubs ice over her nipples, tempting our tongues even more. She gets coy with her cans and covers up her nips with her arm, playing peekaboo with us. Then she takes down her panties and gets coy with her pussy too, which she still keeps under wraps. Instead we get some nice views of her round tush as she turns to a clothesline and selects lingerie for tomorrow–which she then puts in a bag with a ROOSTER pattern! Yep, I think roosters are definitely standing in for us today, just as the cute puppies prancing around pretty girls would be stand-ins for the viewers of pinup pictures in the 1940s and 50s. In other words, if only we were those roosters, we could be next to Leanne Crow ourselves! Those darn lucky cocks!

Leanne Crow showing her boobs

Mirror mirror on the wall, are these the biggest boobs of them all? Leanne Crow is back with another sizzling look at her luscious body and massive tits. She begins the fun in a little black top and a tiny see through miniskirt. The top barely contains Leanne’s amazing boobs. Her breasts are mashed together for a cleavage display that is out of this world!

Gradually we see more and more soft jiggly boob flesh as Leanne removes the top and shows off in her sexy bra. The beautiful brunette smiles radiantly as she gives us a tantalizing bra show. She finally slides the straps down her shapely shoulders and reveals her huge tits. Way more than handfuls Leanne’s boobs have plenty of soft flesh for playing with, squeezing, sucking on or wrapping around your cock!

Watching herself in a mirror, Leanne fondles her size 34H tits in a scene that is extremely erotic. She strips until all she is wearing is her jewelry and her high heels. Leanne puts on a solo girl performance you will never forget!

Busty babes washing car naked

Two of DDFBusty’s hottest big boobed newcomers Kelly Scarlett and Leanne Crow have come together for an utterly titillating car wash video. The busty duo put their heads, tits and many other body parts together and came up with a car washing you will never forget! Both babes are looking red hot, yet relaxed in girl next door type clothes and their hair in pony tails.

Huge breasted Leanne starts off in a little shirt with the sleeves cut off, it is unbuttoned and tied below her mind blowing boobs. She is also showing off her sexy legs and ass in some cut-off denim shorts. Busty Kelley with a pierced nipple begins in a very low-cut top that is unbuttoned to show her luxurious, cleavage. She also is showing off lots of leg and thigh in a short little denim skirt.

The girls drench each others chests so that their hard nipples bulge out from their tops as they wash the Rolls-Royce. It’s such a pleasure to see these giggling hotties washing the fine automobile as their big tits bounce, jiggle and swing. Soon they strip each others shirts off and both pairs of big wet boobs are naked for your viewing pleasure. Their lovely breasts bulge out as they are mashed against the hood of the slick black car. They also strip off their lower garments to show off every inch of their bodies as they hose each other down. Wouldn’t you love having Kelley and Leanne rubbing their big tits all over your car? I think we all would!

Leanne Crow poses tits at pool

Leanne Crow and her outrageous 34H hooters are back. Indeed, the bikini has not yet been designed that can adequately contain all the bounty of this British babe’s bazooms. She does everything you want to see a tit queen do in a skimpy swimsuit top, squeezing her bells and making us wonder what her nipples look like under those mere shreds of colorful material. Leanne’s lungs are so big, but they’re also so shockingly firm! These are glands you want to press your face into and, after a few hours of sucking, rest your head against as you drift off to dreamland.

Leanne finally takes off her top and preens poolside in the sun. We get a classic 1950s style set of pinup poses here, except there were hardly any girls this unbelievably top-heavy posing sixty years ago with the exception maybe of Virginia Bell! (If there were others this large that I’m not thinking of, I happily stand corrected. Leave your comments below.) Leanne gets back into the pool and rubs lotion all over her breasts, then rinses them off. She lounges on the chair and we get vistas from the top of her head to the tips of her toes, as the sunlight caresses the contours of her seriously wonderful cantaloupes. The DDF lenses get down on the ground and look up for some spectacular low angles, and then Leanne unties her bikini bottom and teases us even more, covering her pussy with her hand but showing us her bare ass. Kudos to the camera folks for capturing the Crow cannons from every conceivable angle.

Busty Leanne Crow shows tits

Raven-haired Leanne Crow gives us a slow, tantalizing striptease. First we see her 34D rack bulging against the fabric of her turquoise minidress. Then she tugs down the collar to give us peeks at her deep cleavage, only to cover herself up again and start her tease over. We get lots of closeups of her sugar sacks as they hang free, and it’s not a great leap of the imagination to sense how warm and moist they must be underneath, where tits meet torso.

Leanne then covers up her nipples and presses her bells together. It’s clear she loves to toy with US as much as she does with her tits! The cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews go below, off to the side, and above Leanne to get her from every possible angle. Once out of her dress, she poses in her teeny thong, which—meanie!—she keeps on throughout. But maybe Leanne is TRAINING us to study her tits, and her tits alone, in great detail, with no pussy distractions! She sits in a red chair that fits her like a shell, a perfect place to imagine snuggling with her and sucking on her huge pale brown nips. What a pair of torpedos, and we get to see them so close that sometimes an entire tit fills the frame! Miss Crow shows us her cute spankable ass too. Maybe she deserves a fanny warming for teasing us so much? Naughty Leanne! Can you imagine putting all 5’5” of her across your knees, her hefty hooters flopping back and forth as you smack her cheeks? Well, your trusty reporter can! And then maybe in retaliation Leanne would give him a few whacks across the face with those sweet cantaloupes! You win, Leanne! Uncle Irv will never spank you again! Just keep beating him with those bijongas! THWACK-WHACK-SMACK!!! Ahhhh….