Busty Jannete’s bathroom solo

One reason I like DDFBusty.com so much is not only because they have the bustiest babes around but also because their girls are so FINE! Jannete is a great example of what I’m talking about. How anyone can resist that pretty, girl next door face of hers I will never know. Then there is her body! It is in a class of hotness all by itself. Jannete’s body is a highly erotic work of art that anyone could look at for hours, maybe days. Seeing this slim but stacked hottie stripping and playing with herself in her bathtub will make you forget your worries. In the high definition video of Jannete’s sexy bath you can see every drop of water clearly enough to taste! Jannete’s wet naked body will leave a lasting impression upon your mind that will have you horny for at least a week after seeing it! Watching the expressions on Jannete’s face as she masturbates and her big tits as she clutches them are a one of a kind experience you need to have right now!

Busty Jannete’s bathroom solo

Jannete returns to DDFBusty.com. This veteran of sixteen appearances here always satisfies her fans! Ye ole horny reporter moved back and forth between her photos and video to review Jannete’s latest exploits. Wearing a cute bikini decorated with images of retro pinup girls, Jannete poses in the bathroom, showing off her 32DDs. In the High Def movie, she jiggles those beauties ceaselessly in her hands and they make slapping sounds as they joust against each other in the bra cups. We see the sexy sag of her sacks as she leans over teasingly and gives us those big eyes that see right into our horny hearts! She presses her boobs against the side of the tub, letting their bell-like meatiness rest before she settles down in the water to splash. Then she takes off her bikini top and ties it around and under her boobs. During the movie, you’ll feel you’re right in the tub with her, with the mingled sounds of her body and the water around you.

Jannete takes off her panties and rubs her shaved pussy. Then she sits on the edge of the tub and smushes her tits under her hands until they look like two big tan fleshy pies! She tugs on her nipples, demonstrates the floatation power of her paps in the water, and then gets down to finishing herself off with masturbation. Be sure to check out both the photos and video like I did. Your balls will thank you for it!

Jannete plays with tits & toy

It’s always good to see gorgeous busty babe Jannete. Her sexy eyes, big boobed body and pretty smile have made her one of my favorites since I first saw her pictures here at DDFBusty. She is looking as gorgeous as ever in and out of the frilly white outfit she is partially wearing in the photos above.

Jannete is feeling horny so she lays back on a plush sofa, taking her big tits out and fondling them. She sucks her nipples to hardness. With sex on her mind Jannete is ready to masturbate with her favorite vibrator. She sucks on it like she was giving a deep, wet blowjob while rubbing her juicy pussy with her fingers. Her incredible boobs feel so good that she puts the vibrator between them and gives it a good titty fucking. Jannete strips off her gown. Now that she’s completely naked she’s ready to make her hot little pussy cum hard!

Jannete at DDFBusty