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Carmen Croft returns to our site solo only two weeks after a sizzling boy-girl encounter, and this time her attention is focused strictly on YOU. A highly ranked, popular model from the Czech Republic, Carmen loves to tease us with her cleavage as she does here, letting us drool over her 36Ds as they jut against the snug halter top of her dress.

Our DDF cameraman comes in at just the right angles to get Carmen looking down at us with those massive jugs and her dark-eyed expressions, her eyebrows curling seductively as if she knows we can’t help but pull out our peckers and jack just at the sight of her in clothes.

Carmen displays her great thighs on her 5’9” frame in the frock, then she unsheaths her num-nums and lets us stare at the smooth shiny wonder of them both. She looks at us with a self-satisfied expression as she tweaks her nipples, then she sits back on the couch and spreads her pink snatch. But of course we are fascinated by those knockers, so then she presses them together with her upper arms in some stunning overhead views.

Laying back on the couch, Carmen plays with her quim some more, thrusting her fingers inside. The dress comes off next, and we revel in her glorious nudity as she plants a big pink vibrator in the valley of her va-va-vooms. Her tongue flicks out to lick the toy as if it’s a living cock.

Leaning back on the couch, she slides the buzzy boner into her box, moving around and lifting up her hips as she rides the mechanical fuck-stalk. All the time, Carmen looks deeply into our eyes, licks her nipples, and urges us to drink her in, enjoy her tits, lust for her pussy, and squirt like crazy in our own urgently needed relief!

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Carmen Croft entertaining us with her 36D-27-38 configuration attractively outfitted in a transparent pink lace nightie! Miss Croft peels out of her lingerie and shows us her firm tits while she lays back on the bed and slips her fingers underneath the front of her thong panty. Her boobs look so invitingly ready for a lover’s mouth! Carmen slips off the thong and displays her firm meaty ass before getting back on the bed to spread her pussy for a glass dildo. As she stuffs herself with the toy, her tits sway back and forth temptingly. Then she sits herself down on the toy to prep for the finale where she crams the toy in her cunny while leaning over in the doggie style position. This gives us great shots of her big warm boobs pressing underneath her against the bed! Yes, all your favorite angles are covered at!!

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Lola’s back and Carmen Croft’s got her! From the opening shots Carmen looks very happy to have her face positioned next to Lola’s white-lace-encased 34Fs. Soon Carmen’s fondling Lola’s lungs while the two girls kiss up a storm, then Lola returns the favor and squeezes Carmen’s squachies. Carmen takes off Lola’s bra with her teeth, no mean feat considering how big and tough that garment has to be, and then Lola goes to work on Carmen’s 36Ds. The cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews know just when to move in for closeups of Lola’s bells resting against Carmen’s butt, and when to move back to immortalize the spectacular vista of these two lusty ladies on the bed. Of course, the photos and High Definition video are not just about the girls, but about US, you and me in the audience, and so Lola and Carmen look right into our eyes as they tease us with their breasties. And ye ole Uncle Irv loved the shots where the girls kneel on the bed and passionately kiss each other, their boobs squishing together in warmth and sweat.

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This busty beauty is Carmen Croft. She’s the newest big boobed babe to join DDF Productions. Carmen is a pretty brunette with a tight, petite body. She also has some nice big tits and a hot, sexy ass. This hottie didn’t slowly work her way into hardcore scenes, she dove right into one!

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