Brookie G. & Paige – Big boob babes massaging tits

Redhead Paige has the enviable task of giving a massage to blonde Brookie G. Climbing onto the table, Brookie makes herself completely comfortable and naked under a towel, and then Paige applies the oil with her fingers.

The cute blonde looks so alluring on her tummy with her 36Ds pressing against the blue-sheeted table, and Denys DeFrancesco and his crews capture some great sideboob views. Of course, getting massaged by a hottie like Paige, who sports her own impressive 38F tit power, can only lead to one thing–lesbian lust! Paige rubs Brookie’s knockers until nipple-licking is obviously the next step on the therapeutic program.

And then Brookie gets into the act, sitting up and lapping at Paige’s paps, as well as squeezing hers against those of the chesty masseuse. In fact, Brookie takes over in short order, leaning Paige back onto the table as she sucks on those hooters. The girls look deep into our eyes as they pleasure each other, inviting us to imagine ourselves between them in a fantastic sandwich of fabulous floppers all over our faces, tongues, eyes, and cocks!

Brookie G. – Perfect tits on the pool table

Wow, Brookie G. is back after only a few weeks since her last appearance! We couldn’t be happier. This blue-eyed British “bird” (to use the 1960s English term for babe or chick) is truly a classic busty bombshell. She’s got a face that doesn’t exactly look innocent, but reminds us of WHEN she was innocent; meaning, she’s obviously had a few experiences, but they haven’t hardened her look.

You can still see the wide-eyed girl within her, eager to learn new things to do with her hot body! Yes, she’s ready to be cuddly for the right man. And “cuddly” is the proper term for a gal with her 36D sweater puppies! Here we see them in a satiny leopard-print bra, but she quickly takes down the cups to let us revel in those big nipples and the swing and sway of her bells.

Brookie poses for us on a pool table this time, and you know damn well you’d have a hell of a time concentrating if she was your opponent! So that’s why the game is immediately forgotten as she lays across the green felt, moving every which way to emphasize the heft and heaviness of her hooters. How scrumptious can one girl look as she poses on her black stiletto heels, letting our eyeballs feast on the ivory English Rose quality of her soft curves!!

She shows us her pussy and her round full bottom too, kneeling on her haunches to give us some sexy pinup poses as well as explicit views of her exciting pink quim, which looks as if it needs some long licking and deep pricking to make it feel its best.

Some of the finest shots, captured by Denys DeFrancesco and his crews, are when the cameras come in tight to show Brookie lapping at her beige nipples with her long, girlish, very pink tongue. You’ll practically start French-kissing your screen to get a taste of that tongue, not to mention those tits! And check out the side-boob shots when Brookie lays on her tummy on the table, sticking her fanny in the air.

This is a great set of high resolution pix and HD video for all Brookie G. fans–and all her many new fans-to-be!! We titled this “cue up” but it could just as well be “queue up” because how can you not join the long line of Brookie’s admirers??

Brookie G. – Music lessons from a leg queen

Brookie G. sits down at a concert-style piano, placing her shod feet cutely if a mite rebelliously right on the ivories, a few shots later pressing the keys with her bare peds. Can you imagine being a piano teacher and having Brookie as your student?? “I’ll play the Bartok sonata with my toes!” you imagine her saying, as she strips down to her thong, and demonstrates how lithe her legs are, pressing her left foot on the top of her blonde noggin!! Brookie is a super treat (and our Model of the Day), whether she’s teasing us with her toes and soles, or kissing her image in the mirror and throwing some welcome breast-tease into the mix as well. But don’t just take my word for it. Explore Brookie’s pix and HD video for yourselves, and watch her sit her bare butt on the piano and press her tantalizing toes on the keyboard while she spreads her pussy with a naughty smile!