DDF Interview – Antonia

Hello my fellow Luxury Porn Lovers! I hope your all doing well and ready for a Rockin weekend ahead. I know I promised you all another Antonia treat….making it a triple treat this month, so here we are!

From what I understand Antonia is in the studio again today working with Clara G. , so this year is going to be filled with hot sets from this impeccable beauty! Enjoy this candid interview with a little striptease action to go with it and if your craving more, head on over to DDF Network, where the babes are waiting for you by the hundreds!

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Antonia – Super starlet undresses for us

Not only is Antonia a work of art as a beautiful woman created by nature, but the bra that she wears in this set is a work of art as well, in the way it magnificently showcases her stunning bosom! But we’re getting ahead of ourselves…the Hungarian beauty starts out by posing in a pretty dress but quickly shows us the lacy tops of her gartered sheer black stockings. When she parts the front of her frock, we view her gorgeous 34C cleavage in all its splendor propitiously pushed up by her elegant red and black boulder-holder, her most excellent endowment perfectly presented for our awe and enjoyment!

We get to observe her legs and bottom too, but then Antonia takes her tatas out of the cups and begins to lightly flick her nipples with the tips of her red-manicured fingers, making her boobs so incredibly real in our minds, almost as if they’re right in front of our hungry mouths! And happily Antonia doesn’t stop there, but lays down on the floor and lets us see her shaved pussy between those long curvy gams in their silky stockings…later she takes down her bra and we can see her knockers standing free and firm, ready to rocket us into fantasy after fantasy.
By the time she gets totally nude, holy shit, you probably won’t have a drop of sperm left in your body! But don’t worry, you can always rest up and come back to Antonia again–and again and again! That’s what we did!!!

Super charming Antonia strips

Curvy Antonia is back for her ninth appearance on our site as she poses for us in a bedroom in a cute reddish minidress that sexily displays her long tan legs.

Lifting up the hem, she lets us feast on the shape of her butt, bisected by her lacy black thong; but even better is coming when she takes out her mouthwatering 34C tits, hanging them over the front of her dress as she leans back to play with her pink snatch.

We can see that her pussy mound is pierced too! Getting out a purple double-dong, Antonia lubes it up with her mouth, while her gorgeous boobs exercise a charismatic fascination over every shot they can be seen in. Damn, they look so firm and suckable!!

Some of the prettiest knockers we’ve seen lately. Meanwhile, Antonia stuffs her quim with her toy, first in her snatch as the extra dong rubs against her clit; but then, after she takes off her dress completely, our Hungarian honey slides the two prongs of the dong into her pussy and ass simultaneously, and then gets on her hands and knees in the doggie mode to show off her feat.

At the end, after the toy has done its orgasmic work on her crotch, she then poses for us more in the pinup style, with some great peekaboo teasing with those nipples! Your mams are much appreciated, Antonia!

Backstage with Antonia

Sweeter then a candy cane coated in honey, Antonia, a super babe from Hungary has been really heating things up at the DDF Studios. I caught a glimpse of a couple of new sets this afternoon, snapped a few shots, and made a small video Interview with her ( Postings soon! ) and she was uber cool to chat with.

She just recently made a set with the incredible Dorothy Black, and has another releasing on our site – 1By-Day – tomorrow. I think it’s time to jump on in and binge on this beauty. Fifteen sets of Miss Antonia are waiting for you in our database – go ahead and gift yourself. She’s waiting to show you her unimaginable treasures, don’t let her down.

DDF Network

Antonia & Ariel’s lesbo action

Meet tasty new face Ariel in her first set for us, as this slender brunette has a barefoot bedroom clinch with blond Antonia. The girls quickly get down to kissing, licking, and sucking each other’s toes, and there’s even time for cunnilingus before Ariel brings out a huge, corn-colored double-dong that links the girls together at their pussies so they can stretch across the bed and concentrate on shrimping. Antonia shows great agility holding the dong between her soles and fucking Ariel with it, and then Ariel returns the favor with her own strong feet. But Ariel doesn’t stop there, putting the dildo in her mouth and screwing Antonia’s snatch while caressing the blonde’s size sixes with her claw-like French manicure. Ariel looks terrific in high angle views that show her hot body frosted in see-through black lace lingerie, and Antonia looks just as fine in the nude, leaning back in arousal as Ariel pushes that plastic cock deep in her pussy, or rubs it over her 34C tits. And earlier in the set there are also some striking and dramatic shots of Ariel pulling down Antonia’s panties with her toes, as she looks at her with lust while rubbing the dildo against her mouth. You’ll love the kissable view of Antonia’s buttcheeks in these images!