Blue Angel & Jessie Volt – Two babes electrify the tub

Get ready for a thrilling lesbian fetish encounter with a new twist on the sixty-nine position when Blue Angel is joined in the bathroom by Jessie Volt. First we spend some time alone with Blue as she washes her feet in the tub, soaping and rinsing them thoroughly.

Of course we get some great views of her pussy and incredible ass as well, not to mention her bare soles pressed up against the see-through glass panel of the tub! Then Blue dries herself with a big yellow towel, puts lotion on her legs, and sits down to paint her toenails. Just then Jessie enters the bathroom with her toothbrush, but she seems more interested in blowing on Blue’s nails to help them dry quickly.

The next thing we know, Jessie is licking and sucking those Angelic toes, and taking a lot of them in her mouth at the same time. The ladies hug and caress each other, and soon Jessie is shedding her blue lace camisole and matching panties. As naked as Blue now, Jessie gets back to sucking those toes while playing with her own pussy at the same time. Blue gets down on her knees and licks the Volt vag, then she spreads Jessie’s pussy lips with her half-polished toes.

Blue then worships Jessie’s pussy in the sixty-nine position while Jessie finishes the job of polishing the toenails on Blue’s other foot! Nice twist on a favorite position. Then Jessie tenderly presses those Angel soles against her face, before laying across Blue on the floor in a very intimate clinch.

Busty Karina Heart having bath

The amazing Karina Heart is yet another of the unforgettable models we feature here on, proving once again it’s not just the amount of breastworks a lady brings in front of the lens, but the amount of personality she also shows when she’s posing for Denys DeFrancesco and his masterly camera crews.

Here we see Karina in an “earth mother” mode, full of vivacious life, her eyes smiling and flirtatious, almost like one of those voluptuous females in the Italian cinema of the 50s and 60s like Sophia Loren or Silvana Mangano, as she bursts out of a simple white shift over her white bra and thong while relaxing in a garden. We get an incredible cleavage show throughout, as Karina climbs into a fountain and soaks herself while still in the shift, drenching her body.

Karina frolics in the water, taking out her tits and pouring the liquid all over her pale nipples and 34H splendor. Then she takes off her panties and spreads her pussy for us, rubbing the wet clothing against her snatch and then stuffing it with a pink plastic dildo. She also stands over us with her jugs hovering like twin moons over the landscape, licking her lips and encouraging us to take out our peckers and spurt for her arousing beauty.

And there are some shots in this photo set that should be on a museum wall! Indeed, many classic painters like Renoir or Rubens would have reveled in the curvy magnificence of Karina Heart, just as we do!

Isla & Katia De Lys – Delicious babes worship feet

Two leggy lovelies mix it up when Isla from the United Kingdom meets Katia Dé Lys from Cuba. Katia seems immediately taken with Isla’s tattooed look, her gams shapely on their powder blue peep toe D’Orsay pumps. Katia’s own feet are clad in black high-heeled sandals with complex straps.

The ladies start off kissing their titties and legs, but Katia quickly shifts to taking off Isla’s shoes and sniffing them. Meanwhile, Isla removes one of Katia’s shoes and sucks her toes, doing quite a thorough job of worship with her sexy lips. As Isla enjoys her foot feast, we get great views of Katia’s wrinkled soles. Isla runs her tattooed foot underneath Katia’s gold lamé panty, then she gets down on her hands and knees and worships Katia’s left foot, which is still clad in its shoe.

When this last heel comes off, Isla gloms even further on Katia’s peds, sucking her big toe and rubbing the foot between her tits. But when Isla gets a look at Katia’s amazing derriere, the focus shifts to fanny worship as well as foot adoration, as Isla goes back and forth from kissing and licking Katia’s caboose to her naked soles. Katia thrusts both of her big toes into Isla’s mouth as the set moves to a climax, and afterward the girls blow off some additional steam by playing with a big stuffed dog!

Brookie G. – Perfect tits on the pool table

Wow, Brookie G. is back after only a few weeks since her last appearance! We couldn’t be happier. This blue-eyed British “bird” (to use the 1960s English term for babe or chick) is truly a classic busty bombshell. She’s got a face that doesn’t exactly look innocent, but reminds us of WHEN she was innocent; meaning, she’s obviously had a few experiences, but they haven’t hardened her look.

You can still see the wide-eyed girl within her, eager to learn new things to do with her hot body! Yes, she’s ready to be cuddly for the right man. And “cuddly” is the proper term for a gal with her 36D sweater puppies! Here we see them in a satiny leopard-print bra, but she quickly takes down the cups to let us revel in those big nipples and the swing and sway of her bells.

Brookie poses for us on a pool table this time, and you know damn well you’d have a hell of a time concentrating if she was your opponent! So that’s why the game is immediately forgotten as she lays across the green felt, moving every which way to emphasize the heft and heaviness of her hooters. How scrumptious can one girl look as she poses on her black stiletto heels, letting our eyeballs feast on the ivory English Rose quality of her soft curves!!

She shows us her pussy and her round full bottom too, kneeling on her haunches to give us some sexy pinup poses as well as explicit views of her exciting pink quim, which looks as if it needs some long licking and deep pricking to make it feel its best.

Some of the finest shots, captured by Denys DeFrancesco and his crews, are when the cameras come in tight to show Brookie lapping at her beige nipples with her long, girlish, very pink tongue. You’ll practically start French-kissing your screen to get a taste of that tongue, not to mention those tits! And check out the side-boob shots when Brookie lays on her tummy on the table, sticking her fanny in the air.

This is a great set of high resolution pix and HD video for all Brookie G. fans–and all her many new fans-to-be!! We titled this “cue up” but it could just as well be “queue up” because how can you not join the long line of Brookie’s admirers??

Bella Baby – Juicy blonde in leopard print!

Bella Baby pays us a visit, showing off her friendly smile and blue eyes even as she lets us enjoy her lithe 32B-23-33 body. Bella starts out in a leopard print minidress and matching panties, and she arranges herself on a red egg-shaped chair that she can curl up in to show off her legs as well as her pussy.

We love her spiky high heels with mary jane straps across her insteps; exactly the kind of shoes that look both seductive and innocent at the same time! Which is the way Bella is as she poses, looking one moment like the blonde girl next door of everyone’s dreams, and the next like a dildo-cramming hottie who can’t wait to get off in front of the world via the Web.

Bella strips down and takes out a large toy with which she quickly stuffs her eager shaved slit, then licks her juices off the dildo with her pierced tongue. But some of the shots we love the most simply show her sliding her French manicured fingers into her pretty pie!! The operative word is YUMMY!!

Zafira – Ravishing babe with a red tail

Zafira returns in a striking solo set that shows the never-ending appeal of this popular model, who has made thirty-five appearances on our site. This time the gorgeous Hungarian wears rich red lipstick on her wonderfully sensual mouth; a jeweled black choker around her neck; a crotchless black lace body stocking; and strappy red ankle strap heels. Plus, she plays with a long red double dong that starts to look like a devilish tail hanging out of her pussy!

All in all, Miss Zafira is outfitted to stimulate hours of fantasies in her ardent admirers! She begins by teasing us while sitting in a comfy red chair, showing us her legs and feet and even kissing and licking her insteps and toes through the lacy fabric. She moves over the chair, giving us glimpses of her pussy through the hole in the body stocking, then stands up and presses the rubber dildo between her thighs. In some shots it sticks up in her crotch like a candy-colored cock!

What a naughty little devil she is. The secret to Zafira as a great model is not just her terrific body, but that hypnotic face with its intimate eyes which pull you right in. She looks deep into our souls as she licks the dong and thrusts it into her snatch, letting it hang out as if she’s waiting for someone to join her, someone who will take on the other end of the toy so they can ride it together. Zafira stretches her legs like a pinup girl, arching her feet and dangling her shoes. After the heels come off, she then holds the dong between her soles and fucks herself doggie style. It all ends with a memorably mischievous Zafira smile in closeup, as if to let us know she can see the sperm we just shot all over ourselves in awe at her beauty!!

New babe Christina Lee nude

Christina Lee greets us on a couch with her naked body and especially her pierced pussy. She rubs her tits and then starts playing with her slit, which gets juicy quickly as her red-manicured fingers tug at the mound. Christina slides two digits inside, then roots them around in there before turning onto her tummy so we can see her butt as she masturbates.

She has a very sexy back too, come to think of it! Next she gets on her knees and leans over the back of the couch, presenting herself to us in the doggie position, using those fingers again to demonstrate exactly where she’d like to feel a cock. Turning around yet again, she sits on her butt and plays with her snatch more, as our DDF cameras grab amazingly vivid closeups.

You’ll be ready to put your tongue in there, because her crotch will seem so real and near on your screen! Then the set winds up with Christina pulling on a cute pair of powder blue panties and a dress…probably to go out to fuck some lucky stud!! Posing can make a gal real horny, we hear.