Brandy Talore – Busty vixen and her dildo!

Enjoy a taste of luxury as Brandy Talore returns to seduce us in an elegantly appointed room with red satin padded walls. Showing off her cleavage in a sheer black chemise, Brandy squeezes her knockers together so that we enjoy a bountiful vista of boob flesh that almost overflows the garment. Taking out her tits one at a time, Brandy encourages us to observe their 34DDD/E splendor while she plays with her pussy, tugging apart the pink.

Next Brandy turns around on the beautiful antique-style chair she’s sitting in, and bends over to display her butt. She fingers her slit as we study her asshole. Then she sits back down and parts her cunny lips with one hand while she squeezes and lifts her knockers with the other. Getting down on the floor, she gives us a nice look at her extremely pretty black-and-white polka dot high heels, then she sucks on a dildo which she warms up between her knockers before sliding it down to her slit.

Brandy looks constantly at us as she screws herself with the toy, her sultry eyes most expressive under her retro 1940s-style bangs. Our DDF cameras come in tight to show the green glass dildo moving back and forth in her luscious pink. Brandy then gets back up on the chair and hefts her hooters on her forearm while she fucks herself more with the toy.

As the pictorial comes to a climax, Brandy stands up and backs into the red satin padded corner of the room, squeezing her bells together as she looks down at us with a mysteriously haughty expression, licking her lips as she presents her mountain range of mammaries before our eyes, almost daring us to lick our computer screens in awe and hooter hunger!

Kitty masturbating her kitty!

Kitty poses for us in her plaid skirt, knee socks, and strappy heels, looking like a flirty college girl in the mood to tease the cum out of all her professors! To say that Kitty has a sexy derriere is an understatement, and as she takes us underneath the hem of her teeny skirt, we see her firm cheeks bisected by a pretty thong.

She slides her skirt down so that it hugs the edge of her bottom, and then she shows us her titties and pussy too. But the real spectacular shots come when she stretches out on the couch and angles her posterior at us, a truly lovely round shape.

The cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews capture it in all its stunning allure! Then Kitty slides her thong down to her ankles and concentrates on getting us excited over her snatch and asshole, tugging apart her cheeks. Closing her eyes, she looks as if she’s imagining all the things we’ll want to do to her bottom! From spanking to screwing to licking, the list goes on and on.

Clanddi Jinkcego – Buxom beauty lovin the mirror!

Start off your week with amazing new face and bosom Clanddi Jinkcego! Appearing before us in her red lace bustier, she poses in front of a mirror so we get a double view of all that luscious femininity. Her powerful cleavage almost overflows her decolletage!

Sitting down on the bed, Clanddi studies us as we observe her, watching us closely as our peepers can’t help but be drawn to that outrageous rack. She caresses herself with her satiny red gloves and then finally reveals her melons in full. Can you handle such a supply of bounteous boobage?? Miss J slides down her thong and pulls apart her pussy to show us her moist pinkness.

The cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews get in close to capture every bright detail of her flowery folds. Then Clanddi takes out an enormous black vibrator and licks it with her sultry tongue. She plants the toy in the valley of her jugs, then moves it up to her lipsticked mouth as if it’s a cock giving her a good and proper tit-fuck. Clanddi crams the dildo into her cooch, closing her eyes and losing herself in its sensations.

A little while later she crouches on her knees on the bedspread and takes off her bustier, revealing a narrow waist under those hefty cantaloupes. She plunges the vibrator into herself in the doggie position, which gives us a good peek at her beautifully arched back as she sticks her rear in the air. Clanddi stretches her legs widely across the bed, then pulls them up with the dildo still throbbing inside her pinkness.

As if this show wasn’t enough, she gives us terrific poses while laying on her stomach, with lots of sideboob shots as well as great views of her inviting bottom. And then she squats on the floor and fucks herself some more with the toy! Clanddi Jinkcego gives us her all and we’re ready to take it!!

Alyssia Loop – Mad sexin us with her legs!

Newcomer Alyssia Loop got off to a great start when she first appeared a few weeks ago in a girl-girl set with Aneta J., eliciting comments from our members like “very pretty woman” from M93ksJJ29dke and “WOW So sexy Please Please Please can we have more soon?” from joe3344. Well, your wish is our command, guys, and here is Miss Loop again, this time in her first solo.

Starting off in a pretty red-and-black dress, she quickly doffs the frock and shows us her wonderful lacy red bustier and matching panties. Alyssia wears sheer black stockings attached with red garters, too. Our DDF cameras capture every move of this delightful Czech beauty as she peels down her scanties to show us her butt and pussy while teasing us all the while with her shapely stems.

Alyssia puts her legs together, then spreads them widely. In one great closeup we can see her toenail polish through the dark stockings while the sunlight from a nearby window caresses her foot. Alyssia sucks and kisses her toes through her nylons, and then she slowly peels them off, tantalizing us as she pulls on the stocking with her toes.

She finally gets both stockings off and curls and flexes her feet at us, showing her wrinkly soles. She sucks her bare feet some more, running her tongue over and between the bright red-pink polish on her nails. In fact, if you love to watch a girl feast on her own feet, this is definitely the set for you. Then at the end, Alyssia slips her naked feet back into her strappy sandals and smiles a sweet goodbye!

Brook Scott – Bathing beauty spreading wide!

Sultry yet friendly-looking newcomer Brook Scott seduces us in the bathroom in her debut appearance. Posing first in her black lace teddy, fishnet stockings, and heels, Brook does a gradual strip and reveals her lithe body to us in all its ivory splendor.

She has gorgeous blue eyes and luscious red lips. Peeling down her stockings, she tantalizes us with her red polished size 6.5 toes; then enjoys a glass of wine before climbing into the rapidly filling tub. Sliding down into the water she lets us feast on her round derriere and her mostly shaved pussy with its little landing strip of hair on the mound.

She parts her pussy under the water and teases us with her tongue as well as with her amazing smile. You just want to jump into the drink and take her in your arms! The water swirls around her, wetting her raven black hair as she caresses her breasts and coochie. When she finally fingers herself, you’ll almost be able feel her inner wetness on your own hands!! Afterward, she gets dolled up in some kinky bondage cuffs and collar as a bonus surprise.

Cindy Hope (Klaudia) – Incredibly ravishing starlet!

Klaudia, also known as Cindy Hope is here once again! Besides looking delicious in her black bra and panties, this lithe lady teases us today with pink marabou mules, a favorite kind of shoe for many a foot fan.

The puffy marabou hangs like clouds over her toes as she reclines on the couch and moves her legs around. Standing up, Klaudia thrusts her feet at us in the mules, then stretches her legs out with her feet in the foreground. As if tempting us with the delights of worship, she licks her own knees, then takes her panties down.

Then she slips off the shoes and teases with her bare feet, wiggling and spreading her toes and then sucking them. Klaudia presents her feet to us as if we’re kneeling at the side of the couch, ready to obey her every whim. She rubs her toes together, briefly entwines the big ones, then alternately splays her toes and curls them, showing us her wrinkly soles.

The cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews shoot up at her as if kneeling down below. Klaudia stretches her legs up, then the angle changes and we get to see her French-pedicured feet straight on. No matter from what perspective you like to see toes served up, you’ll start drooling for Klaudia’s!

Dona Bell slays the snake

Lucky Kid Jamaica gets to plant his long thick black shaft between fan fave Dona’s delicious dugs when they get together in the bath. First we see Dona unveil her 38D-27-38 bod by slipping out of a green towel. Then the Kid joins her in the tub, first soaping her back and then squeezing and licking her melons. She presses his head between her cleavage even as she reaches down into the water for his enormous pole. Rubbing it between her boobs is only an appetizer before the entree of blowing him as she kneels in the bubbly water. The horny pair alternate between his plowing her tits and her sucking his meat, and then he bends her over for some doggie style action. We can see her breasty beauties up front as she takes every one of his thrusts. Dona can’t get enough of that cock in her mouth, though! She keeps turning around so that she can take it between her lips–kneeling and squatting, but always keeping those knockers in full view of her fans watching her out in Web Land! She rides his dick and plays with her nipples as his inches cram deeply into her shaved snatch.

Then she lays back in the tub so he can rub between her bells all the way up to her waiting lips, until finally they have to stretch out on the floor to finish their passionate clinch in the only way it could end–with blasts of cum that streak and gleam on her jugs. Afterwards, Dona hops back into the tub for a quick rinse and to tease us a little more with her tits.