Blowjob Tips from a Sexy enthusiast!

How do you like your blowjobs?
That’s actually a good question! Have you ever wondered the difference between a good blowjob, and a bad one?
Here we get a little insight into some differences which can make your next blowjob experience a better one. Perhaps you can give some tips to your girlfriend as Newcomer Kiara Lord explains to us with expertise what she does to pop a guys lid off! This short interview at DDF Studio will give you a glimpse into this new starlets enthusiasm, and what you can expect from her upcoming scenes.

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Backstage with Antonia

Sweeter then a candy cane coated in honey, Antonia, a super babe from Hungary has been really heating things up at the DDF Studios. I caught a glimpse of a couple of new sets this afternoon, snapped a few shots, and made a small video Interview with her ( Postings soon! ) and she was uber cool to chat with.

She just recently made a set with the incredible Dorothy Black, and has another releasing on our site – 1By-Day – tomorrow. I think it’s time to jump on in and binge on this beauty. Fifteen sets of Miss Antonia are waiting for you in our database – go ahead and gift yourself. She’s waiting to show you her unimaginable treasures, don’t let her down.

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Interview: DDF Busty Starlet – Paige

Hello Paige, how are ya! Tell us, what’s new in your world?
Hey there! I’m doing great thanks. Enjoying the creation of some new sets here in AIX France.
Were kind of experimenting with some new technology, the Go Pro camera system.
It’s great for getting in tight with the cameras and putting the viewers that much closer to the action. You really feel like your in the drivers seat when you watch – yummy!

Nice! Could you tell us a little about your sets today?
Yeah, well ive had a few sets this week. Some solo action, and a set with the extremely HOT Sheila Grant. I just love the way she worships my breasts.
Mmmm, she really pays attention to the details in the game of seduction. Was a tremendously tasty experience!
Using the Go Pro was funny and strange, but fun! Sometimes we had it harnessed to our heads, and other times at the end of the toys we were using to grab those angles that a conventional camera could not. All in all a great experience and I can’t wait to see the final production.

Can you tell us how you got started in the Adult industry?
Well it’s just one of those things I kind of fell into. I started pole dancing and one thing lead to another, and I gravitated to the camera and displaying the sexiness to a broader audience. It’s a great form of expression, and I’m really excited with the opportunities it has presented me.

What types of sets do you prefer to shoot?
Girl/Girl is by far my favorite. Sometimes a girls touch is more intimate and more on target, lol, if you get what I mean. I get really horny and could lie for hours and lick a girls pussy!

And do you prefer a Submissive or Dominant Role?
Well, I’m a tall girl at 5’11″, taller then most other girls, so I’m usually the dominant one! I really enjoy it and have no problem playing the role.
I do have a very submissive and romantic side to me in personal life though. You need to have the balance, that’s a must to keep your sanity.

Any type of BDSM that you prefer?
I pretty much love it all! Bondage, Spanking, Ropes, Chains, Latex, but by far Spanking is what really gets me. I prefer a good strong hand, or a cane. It’s that whipping sound that a cane makes that drives me over the edge. Love it!

Sweet! And do you ever watch porn on your spare time?
Oh definitely! I mean, I prefer the real thing, but if my guy isn’t around it’s definitely a great way to take care of business. Although I do girl/girl sets when I work, watching guy/girl sets is what does it for me when I’m alone and need a release.

That sounds righteous! So do you use toys when your taking care of yourself, and if so, do you have some favorites you can recommend our readers to use with their partners?
Well if I’m with my boyfriend nothing works better than an old school vibrating cock ring, great stimulation for both clit and cock …it’s awesome … But if I’m alone a japanese wand just like the one I used in the set with Sheila grant. It’s so powerful and great all over, but wow, on the clit the orgasm sends you in to space, lol Every woman should have one!
Could you tell us something about yourself that we might not be aware of?
Well I used to be a competitive swimmer for Scotland. My specialty was the Butterfly stroke. And, I love chocolate, especially off a big hard cock !

Danielle Maye and Teena Lipoldino at DDF Studios: France

Danielle Maye and Teena Lipoldino are two models that command complete attention when they enter a room. Standing at about 5’10″, both with blonde hair and blue eyes and carrying 34C and 34D cups, with bodies that could outperform the finest tuned exotic sports cars in every category. Fine and divine in every way, and as naughty as they come. Fruits dropped from the Heavens from head to toe if you will, and that’s putting it lightly. Where did they come from? Perhaps descendants of the lost kingdom of Atlantis. Maybe they are goddesses sent down from Zeus himself. Wherever they came from, they’re here to stay—and ready to fulfill your wildest fantasies. Keep an eye out for some Interview action coming from them soon—and a bunch of new sets releasing on the DDF Network!

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Interview – Ashley Bulgari Brings it!

Talking to Ashley was definitely another milestone in my career here at DDF. The Boss ( featured to the left with Ashley Bulgari ) skyped me around 2:30 and Boom, there she was. An exquisite and majestic being that just radiates awesomeness.
I had just finished Interviewing Shannon, who herself was just incredibly cool and beautiful as well, her counterpart for the photo shoot, and I can honestly say that Denys really made an outstanding and artistic choice choosing both of these beauties for a set together. I guess that’s why he is the MAN! Much respect for the boss!
I had imagined seeing Ashley with Raven hair, as that’s how I know her from the sets she’s worked for DDF, but ironically, Ashley has also gone Blonde, and it looks amazing on her. She has that signature Eurasian look that many females have in the Czech Republic, but she does it like no one ive ever seen.
Piercing eyes, tanned silken skin, and a glamour about her that leaves traces of her beauty lingering through your mind for an eternity.
I had a nice Interview with her, she was very kind, just like Shannon – these babes go down as favorites and I highly suggest checking them out wherever, and whenever you can.
Notice the exquisite costume that Ashley is wearing, the boss picked it out while he was in Japan recently, perfectly authentic, and a perfect match for Ashley. I hope you enjoy the short interview and video below and stay tuned at DDF for their upcoming sets!

When did you first realize you wanted to work in the Adult Industry, and how were your first experiences with it? Ive always felt passionate about eroticism, and I think it’s an important choice in life to work in something that you are passionate about. So it was an easy decision for me.

What would you say is your best character trait? Well I’m a very trusting and kind person, unfortunately people tend to take advantage of that. It’s sad when your genuinely nice to people and they don’t reciprocate.

Do you have a favorite Fetish? I like many things actually, and experimenting. It’s quite exciting, but what I don’t like are ball gags. It’s not a comfortable feeling at all. I really prefer to be in a dominant role on camera, but i’m quite submissive in real life, and very shy.

What about your sexy tattoos and piercings? Yeah I really enjoy tattoo work and piercings, everything I do has some meaning behind it, but I don’t want to overdue it, as I know in this business some people like it, and some don’t. So I have to be careful, as I want to keep doing this for some time.

Have you travelled to any other countries to perform? Yes Ive traveled quite extensively, all over the world. I love traveling and hope to do much more. My favorite places to shoot are in the nature, tropical locations suit me best.

Are you Single? Yes, right now I’m single. It’s not so easy to find the right guy in this business. Just because I’m in this industry, all the guys can think about is sex. We’re also human beings, and want to be treated with respect and chivalry as well. I want somoen who I can talk to, and connect with mentally. Thats the highest form of aphrodisiac.

And what could a guy do to get your attention? Be different. Be kind. Be caring. Yeah, I may be a very open person, but if you really want to get to know me, instead of just trying to get me in bed right away, you’ll be surprised at how receptive I could be.

Interview – Ivana Sugar

With a name like Ivana Sugar, you expect there to be complete sweetness – not exactly – but we did get this candid interview where Ivana speaks about secret beaches that Porn Stars go to bask in the nude, how two tiny fingers is all she needs to make herself feel good, and how man’s hand is the way to her heart! . Enjoy!

Ivana Sugar on the DDF Network

Backstage – Honoring Eve Angel

The name Eve Angel in itself personifies exactly what this long time DDF starlet is all about. She is royal in every way, and the curves on her body sing a sensual song of erotic evenings and angelic bliss. Her fans range worldwide, and the charisma she carries leaves a mark of insatiable lust on most who encounter her.

Enjoy a little backstage action as she indulges in a sexy bubble bath and leaves us all with a mad compulsion to release our seed. Linked below is her official site, part of the DDF Network with over 100 full length videos of her and her amazing girlfriends, accompanied by thousands of HQ photos. Go ahead, get lost in there–we won’t blame you one bit!