Kelley Scarlett shows her tits

Kelley Scarlett, has a similar look–sultry black hair, teasing dark eyes, seductive lips-except for the fact that her tits look about three times bigger than Miss Kovack’s ever were! But I couldn’t get over how much these two women look alike face-wise. Kelley could be Nancy’s daughter–although she’s not. But with her looks, Kelley could definitely inspire men to fight skeleton battalions, just as Nancy did in that flick!!

My point is that Kelley has a Hollywood-style glamour face on top of a body that’s sure to become a porn lover’s classic! And Denys DeFrancesco and his photo crews capture her perfectly. First we get sultry poses in a little black dress where Kelley teases us with her luscious cleavage, and then she strips and tantalizes us in her hot pink bra and panties. She poses on a chair outdoors, and even shows off her very shapely legs in black-and-red heels, colors well-chosen for her dusky complexion. Kelley gets on her knees, pressing her boobs together for gorgeous cleavage shots. And later we can really “feel” her firm tits with our eyes when she presses her small pink-polished fingers against them. Kelley leans back and lifts her arms, showing us her tits and her armpits and giving us a challenging expression that seems to say we’re going to have to lick every last inch of her body if she commands it!

When Kelley finally takes off her bra, we see two huge torpedos with large dark nipples, one of which has a barbell piercing. Kelley presents her beauties from many positions, and the camera lens immortalizes them all. Although she shows us her hot round ass, cleverly she covers her pussy, leaving something to our imaginations. But with tits like hers, vagina almost seems like an afterthought!!

Ariel taking off her lingerie

Ariel, a long-limbed, slender, but curvy brunette in the fashion model mode. Ariel does what no fashion model dares! Displaying her legs in garters and nylons, she soon peels off her scarlet bustier and reveals two high, firm, especially suckable titties. But wait until you see the lush-lipped pussy in her panties, totally shaved and captured in enormous closeups. Ariel spreads her luscious labia with her alluringly sharp French-pedicured fingernails, then gets on the floor where she also gives us great views of her exceptionally delightful derriere. I’m down there on the floor with you, Miss Ariel!!

Exotic Danika soloing outdoors

This week’s featured set of high resolution photos and High-Definition video showcases Danika, an Asian lovely who has appeared here twice before, once with the legendary Eve Angel.  Danika entices in a crotchless frilly black-and-red outfit that fully reveals her dark-lipped pink pussy. She spreads her silky thighs and looks down at us with a haughty air as she tweaks open her cunny lips with her fingers. Will we get to lick her pussy? Perhaps after we give her the leg and foot worship she requires…but until then, she sure as hell will tease us with her moist little core…

Danika’s size sixes are clad in backless platform heels. She takes off her shoes and gives them a sniff, gives her spike heels a lick too. Then she looks us in the eye as she undoes her garters and slowly peels off her sheer black stockings. She tugs at one stocking with her bare foot, curling her toes and soles. Then she takes off her other stocking and presents both of her bare feet to us. It looks like she didn’t polish her toenails—will that be the job of some lucky slave? Meanwhile, her toes need to be admired… worshipped… adored… LICKED.

But Danika keeps her distance. She keeps showing us her flexed, wrinkled soles. Is that where we’ll have to start our service? Whatever you say, Miss Danika! We will lick, suck, or kiss your feet however you say! What more can we do for such a goddess? Oh, I know! We’ll name you Model of the Day!!

Teen Ivana Sugar with toy

On Euro Teen Erotica, our slim blonde babe Ivana Sugar is stripteasing showing you her tight body & starts exciting her pussy & sexy small tits with a wooden toy! The nasty teen gets so horny during her solo that she must plunge her vibrator in her tight ass in doggy as well…

Antonia & Ariel’s lesbo action

Meet tasty new face Ariel in her first set for us, as this slender brunette has a barefoot bedroom clinch with blond Antonia. The girls quickly get down to kissing, licking, and sucking each other’s toes, and there’s even time for cunnilingus before Ariel brings out a huge, corn-colored double-dong that links the girls together at their pussies so they can stretch across the bed and concentrate on shrimping. Antonia shows great agility holding the dong between her soles and fucking Ariel with it, and then Ariel returns the favor with her own strong feet. But Ariel doesn’t stop there, putting the dildo in her mouth and screwing Antonia’s snatch while caressing the blonde’s size sixes with her claw-like French manicure. Ariel looks terrific in high angle views that show her hot body frosted in see-through black lace lingerie, and Antonia looks just as fine in the nude, leaning back in arousal as Ariel pushes that plastic cock deep in her pussy, or rubs it over her 34C tits. And earlier in the set there are also some striking and dramatic shots of Ariel pulling down Antonia’s panties with her toes, as she looks at her with lust while rubbing the dildo against her mouth. You’ll love the kissable view of Antonia’s buttcheeks in these images!

Busty Leanne Crow shows tits

Raven-haired Leanne Crow gives us a slow, tantalizing striptease. First we see her 34D rack bulging against the fabric of her turquoise minidress. Then she tugs down the collar to give us peeks at her deep cleavage, only to cover herself up again and start her tease over. We get lots of closeups of her sugar sacks as they hang free, and it’s not a great leap of the imagination to sense how warm and moist they must be underneath, where tits meet torso.

Leanne then covers up her nipples and presses her bells together. It’s clear she loves to toy with US as much as she does with her tits! The cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews go below, off to the side, and above Leanne to get her from every possible angle. Once out of her dress, she poses in her teeny thong, which—meanie!—she keeps on throughout. But maybe Leanne is TRAINING us to study her tits, and her tits alone, in great detail, with no pussy distractions! She sits in a red chair that fits her like a shell, a perfect place to imagine snuggling with her and sucking on her huge pale brown nips. What a pair of torpedos, and we get to see them so close that sometimes an entire tit fills the frame! Miss Crow shows us her cute spankable ass too. Maybe she deserves a fanny warming for teasing us so much? Naughty Leanne! Can you imagine putting all 5’5” of her across your knees, her hefty hooters flopping back and forth as you smack her cheeks? Well, your trusty reporter can! And then maybe in retaliation Leanne would give him a few whacks across the face with those sweet cantaloupes! You win, Leanne! Uncle Irv will never spank you again! Just keep beating him with those bijongas! THWACK-WHACK-SMACK!!! Ahhhh….

Lucy Bell toying her pussy

After her panty-sniffing debut last week, Lucy Bell returns this Friday to 1By-Day to tackle the challenge of a big blue double-headed vibrator! This lithe-bodied sweetheart starts out naked except for her strappy high heels, and she lays down on the couch and gently stuffs her core with the toy. We get huge closeups as the toy becomes more and more juicy from Lucy’s inner arousal. Like a young woman experimenting with a new lover, she shifts her body all over the couch, enjoying her companion from many possible positions–which means lots of viewing pleasure for us!

Ann Marie La Sante’s footjob

Extremely limber Ann Marie La Sante gives Choky Ice a truly memorable fetish experience in this footjob thriller. After getting Choky to playfully eat some crackers which she sticks between her foot and the sole of her strappy high-heeled shoe, Ann Marie rubs his face with her pantyhose-covered feet and gets him to suck at her pantyhose-encased ass. After taking her feet in his mouth, Mr. Ice pours oil on her legs and rubs it into her pantyhose until her gams have a glowing sheen as she stretches them out behind her. What a strange sensation that must be, to have your pantyhosed legs oiled up! Ann Marie takes Choky’s huge dick between her feet and gets it slippery with the oil too. Enormous closeups show her red-polished toes through the fabric as she jacks Choky’s chicken, until she finally takes mercy on him and tears a hole in the crotch of her pantyhose so he can finally touch her bare pussy. All this leads to a wild climax where the apparently double-jointed Ann Marie sucks his dick while licking at her left foot at the same time, like a human pretzel. It all ends with a huge blast of Choky’s cream on her soles that she happily laps up before presenting her feet in huge closeup, as if to ask us if she missed any spots! For this orgasm-winning performance, Ann Marie is Model of the Day.

Lucy Rose shows you her legs

From her green-polished toenails to her enthusiasm at taking a shower in her t-shirt and pantyhose, we can tell that new face Lucy Rose is clearly an adventurous gal. You’ll see her both dry and drenched as she poses in the tub, showing off her busty body in her tight white pantyhose. Not only does she aim the shower attachment INTO her hose, swamping her pussy with the needle spray, but she then soaps herself OVER the hose, until her round butt and curvy legs are shimmering and white. We get lots of closeups of her feet perched on the edge of the tub. When she finally rinses off, the hose are almost invisible against her flesh, like a second skin. When she peels that down, we see the bottoms of her feet, still in the pantyhose, her toes poised for sucking. Hmm, who wants to be first to kneel down by the side of the tub and take orders from Lucy to shrimp her tootsies through the stretchy fabric? Ye ole horny reporter has the feeling that it might be fun to do whatever crazy stuff this wild Lucy asks for. And for those of you who like boobs as well as feet, you’ll get to enjoy closeups of Lucy stretching her pantyhose over her big dark-nippled titties, courtesy of the camera work of Denys DeFrancesco and his photo crews.

New babe at DDFBusty – Elli Jordan

The week starts out perfectly with perky new face Elli Jordan in the bathroom, showing off her tempting cleavage first in a tight little top and then stripping down to an ivory lace bra. As the bra comes off in a gradual striptease accented by Elli’s pleasant smile, we see her beauties straight on and from low angles that accentuate their round softness. She’s got light beige nipples and her titties fill her fingers as she lifts them out of the bra cups and squeezes them. Huge closeups will fill your computer screen too and you’ll almost be able to feel her nipples in your mouth.

Elli takes off her panties and uses the portable shower attachment to spray her jugs before squirting lots of liquid soap all over them, and down her belly and pussy too. Soon her body shimmers with a creamy white sheen and we can almost smell the sweet perfume of the soap. Then Elli makes herself comfortable in a corner of the shower and rinses off, giving us some nice views of her butt as her tits hang down. The set winds up splendidly as Elli dries herself with a fluffy powder-blue towel that she wraps around her torso for some great cleavage shots that will make you just wanna press your face in her freshly bathed bosom! I say Elli is our Model of the Day.