Eva Smolina soloing barefoot

HotLegsAndFeet added Eva Smolina whose devilish smile and dark-eyed looks will suck you into a scenario of soiled foot worship! When we first see Eva, she’s posing with a classical statue of a nude female–not the Venus De Milo, but something similar. And the comparison is apt: as Miss Smolina models her tan feet against the white sculpture’s peds, we see the timelessly equal beauty of both art and living flesh. The cameras come in close for some truly striking and detailed images of Eva’s feet with their strong arches, fine veins, and polished toenails.

Suzie Carina rubbing her pussy

Suzie Carina is one of our true 1By-Day.com superstars. In her new photos and HD video, she shows off her taut body in the sunshine, displaying those firm lady abs as she caresses herself with a flower even as she sticks her fingers into her own flower-and backdoor too! Ye ole leg-lovin’ newsletter scribe loves Suzie’s long and shapely Hollywood-style gams, especially when she spreads them wide across the frame as she digs her digit into her pinkness. I think my cock is saying that Suzie Carina is Model of the Day! Okay, cock, she’s it!

Busty tanned Rye toying pussy

DDFBusty members got a chance to enjoy renewing their acquaintance with Rye, who’s appeared in one previous set, a girl-girl with Jasmine Black. Here we see Rye on her own, her green eyes set off by a very tight green blouse that shows you she’s packin’ 36D worth of top-heavy talent. We get a good variety of pleasing angles from Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews, everything from straight-on shots of Rye sitting like your girlfriend on the edge of a couch, fully dressed as if you’re about to take her out on a date; to closer shots and low angles as she unearths her glorious glands and hovers them above our eyes..

Blonde Iris in too sexy outfit

Dear DDF-Models readers, blondes are back … with energetic Iris, another Czech hottie who’s now racked up five appearances here on 1By-day.com. Starting out in a crotchless black mesh bodystocking, she’s in full mischievous tease mode as she shows off her pierced pussy and spike-heeled black boots. No vibrator is necessary for Iris to get excited; all she needs is a camera and the sure knowledge that we are looking at her, zeroing in on her boots, or her pussy, or her titties, or her slutty mouth, or on all four as we blow up her pictures on our computer screens so we can happily…

Ivana Sugar foaming her legs

Wearing only a blue towel, she poses her high-arched size fives on the toilet and the tub, as well as pulling apart her nether lips to unveil her prominent shiny clitoris. Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews capture Ivana’s feet in huge closeups that show you every tantalizing inch of her inviting soles. Then it’s into the tub where Ivana rinses her gams and tootsies and squirts liquid soap all over, working up a creamy lather that covers her soles in bubbles. The highlight is a series of shots done from above, looking down on Ivana as she holds her feet together–with just enough room between them for a tongue or cock! But teasing us works up an appetite in Ivana for some vibrator action, and she gets out a bright red toy to plunge into her pussy while she sticks her feet in our faces so we can give her the worship she deserves.

Busty Shione Cooper naked

Watch petite powerhouse Shione Cooper. Shione’s a Czech girl who’s been appearing regularly here and works solo, with girls, and with guys. Shione teases us with cleavage in her little black dress as she poses on the table, framing her bosom in the rack before actually playing a little. But it looks as if she’s more devoted to the game of teasing than putting balls in the pocket! She does stuff a ball between her tits, though, before stripping and rolling a ball across her oh-so-suckable nipples. Once she’s naked, the set really moves into high gear. We get low angle views of her mouthwatering globes, until she lays down on the green felt and plays around with the pool cue and puts the 8 ball between her mams and in her mouth. Shione looks like she could really use some cock there on the table, thrusting in her snatch and then spurting all over her cans! If only we could jump into the photos or HD movie!! I’d love to kneel in front of Shione and eat her pussy while reaching up and squeezing her boobs. What are YOUR fantasies? Leave them in the comments below!

We get more low angle shots of her boobs stuffed in the rack, as well as doggie style views of her jamming the 8-ball in her snatch; and the set ends on some lovely simple poses of Shione stretching across the table with a sweet smile above her coconuts. We give her the nod for Model of the Day!

Sexy Sandy sucking her toes

Sandy, is a 34DD German model already acclaimed for her pictorials on our sister site DDFBusty.com. But she also has shapely pins, shown off here in textured white nylons and garters, and accented by cute sling-back white wedgies with cut-out heels. She poses her feet this way and that in the shoes, then takes them off for a sniff and lick. Her feet look very tempting in the white hosiery as she poses them against the carpet. Then she undoes her garters and bites on the snaps before peeling down her stockings. She wraps the nylons around her tits while posing her bare red-polished toenails on the rug. A few shots later her thong panties are puddled around her ankles, and then she turns on her belly and stretches her legs out while showing us her ass and soles. She lifts up her feet and presents her toes to us, looking over her shoulder with that “Come over here and kiss my pretty tootsies look!” that you sometimes see on girls who are new to the fetish and are amazed at how awestruck we foot guys can get over a cute pair. Sandy tugs on her panties with her big toes and then she spreads her pussy in the background while hovering her soles over our faces in gigantic closeups. Where does a man put his tongue first? You’ll wanna start worshipping Sandy soon, from toes to tits and back again!

Blonde babe Ellen soloing

Members of HotLegsAndFeet.com learned last week just how freaky our newcomer Ellen can get; they saw her in action with Ivana Sugar in a two-girl pantyhose thriller. This Wednesday 8/11/10, Ellen returns solo and the wildness continues! Peeling out of her denim mini to reveal sheer black thigh-highs and bizarre beige strappy platform sandals, Ellen is soon sitting over us and teasing. “See?” she seems to say, taking off a heel and sucking, “it’s so easy to serve my heels!” But then she thrusts her nylon soles in our direction in huge closeups, while she drinks a glass of water and then spits the liquid onto her sheers. Soon she pulls off the stockings and wiggles her toes, gritting her teeth as she tugs on the nylons before balling them up and squeezing out the water, which she drips into her mouth. But this grey-eyed young minx is far from finished. She interlocks her size five toes with each other as she stands up, bends her legs inward, and lets her green cotton panties puddle at her ankles. And then it’s time for a toy in her butt, while she shows off her silver-polished toenails. Ellen’s got energy to burn in her pictorial and video–so save her a couple of loads to show your appreciation! And salute her as Model of the Day.

Busty Jannete’s bathroom solo

Jannete returns to DDFBusty.com. This veteran of sixteen appearances here always satisfies her fans! Ye ole horny reporter moved back and forth between her photos and video to review Jannete’s latest exploits. Wearing a cute bikini decorated with images of retro pinup girls, Jannete poses in the bathroom, showing off her 32DDs. In the High Def movie, she jiggles those beauties ceaselessly in her hands and they make slapping sounds as they joust against each other in the bra cups. We see the sexy sag of her sacks as she leans over teasingly and gives us those big eyes that see right into our horny hearts! She presses her boobs against the side of the tub, letting their bell-like meatiness rest before she settles down in the water to splash. Then she takes off her bikini top and ties it around and under her boobs. During the movie, you’ll feel you’re right in the tub with her, with the mingled sounds of her body and the water around you.

Jannete takes off her panties and rubs her shaved pussy. Then she sits on the edge of the tub and smushes her tits under her hands until they look like two big tan fleshy pies! She tugs on her nipples, demonstrates the floatation power of her paps in the water, and then gets down to finishing herself off with masturbation. Be sure to check out both the photos and video like I did. Your balls will thank you for it!