Marie Lambo’s hot legs solo

I really, really love new face Marie Lambo! I love her curvy body and her shapely feet. I also love her expressive face, which goes from wholesome to sultry in the click of a camera lens! I also adore her big natural bosom which adds to her fetish allure as a strong young Amazon who towers over men with powerful legs and provocative toes!

Costumed in colorful leggings, a pink-and-black bra, and pink fleece ballet flats, Marie displays her feet from many angles. She has the ability to pose in a friendly, classic pinup style, but can also look like a very modern in-control female who can lord over susceptible males–especially those who long to submit to a girl whose sturdy body recalls those of 1950s sex goddesses like Anita Ekberg or Eve Meyer! When Marie stands on her tiptoes, hands on her waist, her leggings pulled halfway down her hips, you’ll be ready to squirt a fast tribute to her striking beauty. I certainly was!

Our cameramen capture the arches of Marie’s feet and the flexing and wrinkling of her soles in huge closeups. These are photos and HD video that you can really worship! You’ll almost be able to feel the flirty delicacy of her ankle bracelet as you imagine planting adoring kisses on each of Miss Marie’s red-polished toes.

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