Ivana Sugar foaming her legs

Wearing only a blue towel, she poses her high-arched size fives on the toilet and the tub, as well as pulling apart her nether lips to unveil her prominent shiny clitoris. Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews capture Ivana’s feet in huge closeups that show you every tantalizing inch of her inviting soles. Then it’s into the tub where Ivana rinses her gams and tootsies and squirts liquid soap all over, working up a creamy lather that covers her soles in bubbles. The highlight is a series of shots done from above, looking down on Ivana as she holds her feet together–with just enough room between them for a tongue or cock! But teasing us works up an appetite in Ivana for some vibrator action, and she gets out a bright red toy to plunge into her pussy while she sticks her feet in our faces so we can give her the worship she deserves.

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