Sensual Jane – Busty Cups

Her busty cups make him forget his schedule in the morning, so he decides to have pussy licking and a titty fuck for breakfast! In today’s episode of DDF Network’s Busty series, Thomas Stone can’t take his eyes off of Sensual Jane’s 36DD / 80F cups, when she serves him a cup of coffee in the kitchen.

The brunette hot babe wears her most spectacular lingerie and when she walks up to that young man in her high heels, he simply crams his face with her big tits! Jane loves his strong hands on her big bosom and feels his hard-on in his pants. After a quick blowjob, Thomas spreads her legs and starts licking that twat on the kitchen table. All he needs right now, is an intense hardcore fuck with that beautiful Sex Goddess 2014!

He bangs her cunny on the kitchen table and enjoys her big tits shaking in front of his eyes. For that extra sensation, he crams her wet box from behind and inserts his boner deep into that quim while playing with her titties. Sensual Jane loves sensual titty fucking and wraps her hooters around his shaft before receiving his dong inside her crotch again. Finally, she rubs her hooters on his helmet and makes him cum all over her giant perfect tits!

Sensual Jane & Sheila Grant – Two big belled babes boinking!

Sensual Jane and Sheila Grant’s delectable knockers together look tastier than four scoops of double chocolate ice cream! The always gorgeous Sheila in particular looks even more beautiful, if that’s possible, with her newly blonde hair complementing her wonderful grey eyes. And Sensual Jane looks mischievous and mouthwatering as ever, practically bursting out of her white latex nurse’s outfit!
They’re meeting in an examining room at DDF Genital Hospital, where all the medical procedures are guaranteed to end in orgasm!! Sheila knows she’s got a good thing going, immediately opening Jane’s uniform so she can start glooming on those 36DDs. She buries her face in them and sucks on the flesh with all the true love such natural wonders inspire!! She tugs on Jane’s nipples, eats her pussy, and in general gets a feast of flesh.
The girls strip off their latex uniforms soon and start fooling around with some shiny silver medical devices, and Sheila gets back to examining Jane but this time with the hardware too. They have a lot of gadgets at their disposal, and Sheila gets to sniff Jane’s panties too. And she fucks Jane’s pussy with one of the doohickeys! But Jane is not about to let Sheila’s attractions go unexamined!
She gets down on her knees below Sheila and eats that pussy, then she rubs yet another doctor’s device over Miss Grant’s 36Ds and is soon penetrating her with it in the doggie style mode. If you’re like us, you’ll wish you could jump into the pictures to lend a hand–or a cock, or a couple of cum-heavy nuts!! Denys DeFrancesco and his camera crews capture so much great stuff of these gals having a terrific time with each other, pressing their humongous hooters together and kissing and fondling and penetrating!

Sexy maid Sensual Jane fucked

We have yet another friendly maid to entertain us, as Sensual Jane caters to Nick Lang in an elegant dining room. He quickly starts coming onto her, and who wouldn’t when the help looks like this 36DD-25-36 Romanian hottie? He takes off the top of her uniform and squeezes her tits through the black bra, but soon has her bare nipples between his fingers. After he sucks and plays with her nips for awhile, she squats and blows him while her jugs hang over her bra. She gives him some titty-fucking, then gets Nick down on his knees so he’ll eat her. You’ve heard of Equal Opportunity Employers? Well, Nick sure looks like an Equal ORGASM Employer to us! The shots where Jane holds Nick’s head between her thighs, while her tits rest nakedly on her torso, are very sexy indeed.

Nick fucks Jane on the dining room table. You’ll enjoy seeing her sensuous sacks swing back and forth in HD video as she gets banged. Jane throats him some more, then he fucks her in the spoon style so we can watch her boobs the whole time she’s getting boffed by his humongous meat. She lays him on his back and crams his shaft into her cleavage, pressing her warm inviting flesh around his boner with her French-manicured fingers. We can see his gleaming pre-cum on her tits as she leans over to suck some more. She really can’t stop putting that dick in her mouth!!

The horny housemaid rides her boss for while, her tits jumping and jiggling when she’s not lifting them to her mouth to suck for herself. She looks so great pulling her nipples into her lips! Then Nick puts her on her back, feeds his cock into her mouth for one long last suck, then plows his pork in the valley of her glands until he blows a huge load. Finally, Jane looks us right in the eye as she lifts her gooey melons and laps up the cream.

Alison & Sensual Jane – lesbians playing titty game

Alison and Sensual Jane have done a new video together and it is hot! They both look like a horny working man’s dream come true in their little denim shorts. The best thing about their outfits are their tight t-shirts. They have the neck lines cut very low and are tied up under their big boobs leaving their midriffs bare. If you’ve ever seen either Sensual Jane or Alison you know that they are both very hot. Personally, I find Jane incredibly sexy with those sexy eyes and of course her big tits and hot ass. Alison has full lips and very dark eyes. Like Jane she has long dark hair, silky smooth tan skin, is very busty and has a sexy rear end.

The girls are working with some wall paper when they discover that having their hot bodies together is making them both want to touch each other. They take their luscious tits out and feel each other up. They lick and suck on each others nipples. There is nothing like watching two girls making out with their soft boobs rubbing together and their hands feeling each other between the legs. Alison and Sensual Jane get oral, spreading each others wet pussies and licking each others clits. The two brunettes start playing with all the hand tools within reach. They use paint brushes and other tools to titillate each other and make each other orgasm hard. All the juicy sex makes both girls bodies quiver and their big tits jiggle and sway.