Busty goddess Maries urrenders

Luscious busty babe Marie Lambo is back at DDFBusty for an awesome encore. This girl is beautiful and extremely sexy! Her look is very natural and that includes her big boobs. Everything about her is absolutely gorgeous. As fine as she is she still has a girl next door quality. She’s the kind of girl you would see in your town and wonder what her fine curves are like under her clothes.

The best thing about this busty blonde is that she satisfies your lusty cravings and strips naked for you! First she is dressed in a see through bit of lingerie under which her bra and panties are plainly visible. Marie also has on a pair of high heels that accent her legs, especially her shapely calves. She gives a great show of her lovely cleavage and then strips so we can get a better look at what her boobs look like in her bra. They are awesome! The way her breasts bulge up and out of her bra cups will make you want to see more as soon as possible!

Then Marie takes off the bra so you can see her tits. They are quite large and nicely shaped with highly suckable nipples! Naughty Marie also gives a hot show of her sexy ass and her neatly trimmed pussy. She is the kind of girl that has the ability to numb your mind and make you think only three words-What A Babe!

Busty goddess Maries urrenders

Marie Lambo returns for an encore, and if you haven’t seen this blonde 5’8” Czech amazon before, this is a great introduction! Marie peels out of a black fishnet dress down to her shiny bra and thong, giving us lots of drool-inspiring cleavage views before finally revealing her gorgeous knockers. Her nipples are so big and she offers them up to us in giant closeups. Posing on a fancy wooden bed that Cleopatra herself would have found to her liking, Marie stretches out regally and watches us closely as she holds her breasts in her hands, or leans back and pushes them up on her arm. As she tugs off her thong, we also see how shapely her long legs are. Marie Lambo is clearly a young goddess whose 34D-24-36 body deserves complete worship!

Marie flirts with her pussy, showing it to us but then covering it up with her hands. She’s got pink flowery lips that she keeps tucked in, and the way she spreads her thighs as she sits on the edge of the bed instantly makes me think of how exciting it would be to kneel in front of her and lick her until she came, while reaching up to gently hold her boobs right through her orgasm! I bet you’ll have similar thoughts as you study Marie’s pix and HD video.

Later in the pictorial Marie stands next to the bed, a proud young queen indeed. We get some great shots looking up at her, emphasizing her feminine power as she looks down at us and presses her hands on her breasts as a skeptical, yet tolerant expression passes over her face. Marie knows she’s got us where she wants us. What alternative do we have but to jack our cocks and cum while she observes??

Marie Lambo’s hot legs solo

I really, really love new face Marie Lambo! I love her curvy body and her shapely feet. I also love her expressive face, which goes from wholesome to sultry in the click of a camera lens! I also adore her big natural bosom which adds to her fetish allure as a strong young Amazon who towers over men with powerful legs and provocative toes!

Costumed in colorful leggings, a pink-and-black bra, and pink fleece ballet flats, Marie displays her feet from many angles. She has the ability to pose in a friendly, classic pinup style, but can also look like a very modern in-control female who can lord over susceptible males–especially those who long to submit to a girl whose sturdy body recalls those of 1950s sex goddesses like Anita Ekberg or Eve Meyer! When Marie stands on her tiptoes, hands on her waist, her leggings pulled halfway down her hips, you’ll be ready to squirt a fast tribute to her striking beauty. I certainly was!

Our cameramen capture the arches of Marie’s feet and the flexing and wrinkling of her soles in huge closeups. These are photos and HD video that you can really worship! You’ll almost be able to feel the flirty delicacy of her ankle bracelet as you imagine planting adoring kisses on each of Miss Marie’s red-polished toes.