Latex Lucy – Spank For Spunk

Latex Lucy receives some spank for spunk in today’s episode of DDF Network’s sizzling hot fetish series House of Taboo. The two gentlemen David Perry and Mugur humiliate the Sex Goddess 2014 by spanking her tight butt with a whip and cramming her shaved twat with their long hard pricks in various hardcore positions.

The Full HD masterpiece of XXX fetish porn gives you some amazing closeup shots of that latex loving milf and her green eyes while she’s slurping those two shafts in proper deep throat manner. The scene takes place in her living room and after the two men in black suits reveal her giant tits to the cameras, it’s definitely time for some titty fuck and titty squeezing! Mugur and David give her some titty sucking before she gets her mouth stuffed with their shafts for some deep throat blowjob.

The British glamour subby rides their cocks like a fetish cowgirl and gives them an intense handjob before offering her pussy to their mouths. The threesome heats up when she gets banged doggy style while having her face fucked by Mugur’s enormous boner! Finally, she receives two big loads of cum in her mouth.

Latex Lucy – Slash In The Latex Matrix

There’s a slash in the latex matrix! Can you see it? Enjoy our British fetish model Latex Lucy penetrating her shaved pink pussy with a shiny silver vibrator until she cums! Her blonde hair is plaited and sticks out of two wholes on her head mask. Her entire slim body is wrapped in a latex full-bodied costume, there’s only one little slit between her thighs, so she can access her tasty pussy!

This fulminant Full HD solo performance by our fetish bombshell Lucy is going to blow your mind. She inserts her fingers deep into that tight snatch for some warmup fingering masturbation before she kneels down in her fancy high heels and slides that dong into her cunny. Lucy’s arms are covered in black latex gloves and whenever she moves her fingers in and out her quim, you get to hear that seductive noise of latex and rubber. Lucy loves to suck cocks but today she sucks her vibrator right outta her wet box! That schoolgirl costume is super skin-tight and it’s up to your imagination what her big tits look like naked!
Enjoy her pussy play and don’t forget to check out those XXX porn pics in our gallery below!

Latex Lucy, Lucia Love – Fisting The Furniture

It’s time for more latex porn as Bruno SX returns to have additional fun with his human female furniture, Latex Lucy (in the head mask) and Lucia Love. As this Full HD extreme sex video begins, he gets them worshipping his cock, then deeply fingers Lucia before fucking Lucy while Lucy eats Miss Love. The handy zipper openings in their latex costumes make this all very convenient.

Lucia sits on Lucy’s face while Bruno bangs Lucy, and then Lucia throats Bruno’s dick to lube it up for her asshole. While Lucia’s boffed in the butt, she holds a double dong in her mouth and fucks Lucy’s shaved pussy with it. Lucia’s rosebud really gets reamed by Bruno’s boner, as you’ll see in some startling shots.

Finally Lucia kneels before Bruno and sucks his cock again, taking his load on her tongue while Lucy holds the meat and licks off some creamy drops too. But the action is hardly over, because after a cum swap between the two ladies, Lucy then pees into Lucia’s mouth. And then she holds Bruno’s cock and directs a stream of his pissing right into Miss Love’s mouth as well, as this truly wild adventure in fetish XXX video floods to its ultimate climax!

Latex Lucy – Stretch Your Imagination

Latex Lucy - Stretch Your Imagination

Latex Lucy seems to exist in a fantasy universe outside of such mundane concerns like Christmas holidays…although when she takes off her mask in private, she is no doubt just like the rest of us, just another human being. But when clothed in her fabulous and striking latex garb, as she is here today in her new fetish XXX video, Lucy takes us along to her bizarre dark-edged cosmos even though she stands in the bright sunshine in a gorgeous garden. Tugging aside her skintight green and blue body suit, she reveals her enormous tits and then her shaved pussy and taut asshole. What do you think Lucy wants you to do for her?

Samantha Bentley & Latex Lucy – Intense Experience

Samantha Bentley is one of the only models who can project in the wideness of her big blue eyes the feelings of complex surrender and submissive anxiety that are brought out in a D/s situation between a masterful mistress and a helpless slave. Miss Bentley reminds us of John Willie’s bound beauties, in that great artist’s 1940s and 1950s drawings and paintings of girls tied hand and foot and at the mercy of cruel dommes. And for a good sampling of Samantha in this Williesque mode, see her dominated by the equally memorable masked Latex Lucy in this new scene of extreme sex, lesbian bondage, and spanking …

Wild Week at the DDF Studios Budapest!

Its been a SUPER busy week here at the Studios, so many apologies for the lack of Updates! Just wanted to leave you thinking about a few of the Naughty Shenanigans going on over here, and hope to have some more updates for you next week!

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Interview with Latex Lucy

One of our most Avant Garde Fetish models, Latex Lucy, has recently been nominated as Best BDSM Actress for the 2012 Venus-Berlin Awards. She would really love it if you casted a vote for her. It’s a quick and easy process above, and if you shoot me an email letting me know you casted a vote, you’ll be entered to win a very special, and personalized prize from Latex Lucy herself! Click on the photo above to be taken to the Voting Poll, no registration required!
To get a little deeper into the mind of this Latex and Rubber Fetish Queen, enjoy her extensive interview below. She’s one hot little fucking machine, and were glad to have her presence as part of our brand!


When did you first realize you were into rubber/latex fetish, and how were your first experiences with it?
Since I was a young teen, I always love to wear tight clothing – the tighter the better! So it probably all began with just lycra, then I moved onto PVC as it’s so nice and shiny… but not so tight and stretchy! I discovered latex when visiting sex shops. I really loved the feel of it! A few years later I was introduced to high quality latex that fit my body like a glove. I knew then I was addicted!

What is it about Latex that turns you on?
I love the way it looks, how tight and smooth it feels against my skin, the sound it makes when dressing and even the smell. What I love about it most of all is the way it stretches perfectly over my curves… it just makes me feel incredibly sexy. When I wear a full latex item I am transformed into a rubber sex doll!

How many Latex costumes do you have and which is your favorite?
I do have a lot of latex I guess… but never quite enough, lol. I still have quite a large shopping list I have approximately 20 catsuits, 30 hoods, 15 dresses, 8 rubber corsets, plus much more. I love all of my outfits, however my favorites tend to be the simplest.
I find that a simple, figure hugging catsuit, tight corset, hood, and very high heels make me feel so much sexier than a designer latex dress… which can lose its appeal after a couple of wears. At the moment, I do love my newest leotard, which has an open bust. It loks so sexy over a simple catsuit as well as on it’s own!

You must be in phenomenal shape to endure the heat of the latex and some of the scenes you partake in. How do you stay in shape?
I do enjoy working out as often as I can find the time. At the moment, I visit the gym for a few hours per week and work very hard during those hours. Most of my workout consists of cardio and concentrating on my abs and ass. I always feel I can look so much better, which keeps me motivated!

What does Latex Lucy eat on a regular day?
I really love stir fry, salads, pasta and pizza. When eating out I prefer Indian, Italian or Mexican food. I pretty much love all deserts!

Do you prefer men or women, and why?
The female figure is very sexy, especially in tight latex. However, I have to admit that a guy in latex turns me on that bit more… guys have that extra something of course hehe.

Do you prefer your sexual relations to be with multiple partners at once, or with one lover to focus on?
Hmmm I do love both. Sex with multiple partners at once can be amazing! It’s something I often think about… and it makes me very horny. However, I really love to please one partner too, giving them 100% attention.

What is your favorite sexual position, and your favorite sexual pastime?
Oooh, there are so many positions I love! If I had to choose just one I would probably say doggy style… with my ass in the air, hehe. I mostly love to be fucked while in bondage too!

Have you explored all of your sexual desires, and if not what is something you dream of encountering in the future?
Although I’ve had some amazing sexual experiences so far, there is always so much more to explore! I would love to be involved in more group sex. Lots of guys in rubber would be a dream

Are there any other fetish arts besides rubber/latex that you find yourself gravitating too or are currently engaging in?
Yes, bondage is another fetish that really turns me on. I love to be bound tightly before being teased and fucked. I also love fucking machines!!

Do you think acting in the adult industry gives people a warped sense of who you are? Do men/women proposition you often because you are an adult star?
I think there will always be some people that think this way, people love to fantasize. I do get propositioned, but mostly online – in real life people are so different and often quite shy anyway, hehe.

I think most people would imagine Porn stars as wild teenagers. What were you like in your teenage years?
I wouldn’t say I was particularly wild, I just loved sex and loved dressing in anything tight and sexy – nothing has changed there! Since then I have had so many amazing sexual experiences and would never change that.

What was your favorite subject in school? Your least favorite?
Favorites: Art and Music. Least favorites: Sports and Religious Education (the teacher’s weren’t great!)

The costumes you wear have a very Industrial/Techno look to them, yet still incredibly alluring and seductive. Very futuristic. Do you ever have vivid dreams about your work, the costumes, and the future of this fetish? Do you get inspiration from your dreams?
Latex and rubber outfits are very popular these days, especially in mainstream media and latex is generally used to promote the ‘edgier’ look that you talk about. For me, it’s all about fetish. Looking and feeling sexy in rubber and having sex in rubber.
I do love to dream about very dirty sex in rubber (usually lots of rubber clad guys with hard cocks) and if anything inspires me (outfit designs, layering, bondage etc) I try to incorporate it into my shoots.

Do you prefer to be Submissive or Dominant, and why?
I am naturally submissive, although with the right person (preferably dressed in rubber!) I can switch.

Are you familiar with all the various forms of Orgasm, and have you enjoyed them all?
I always like to think there’s so much more to experience, so I’m guessing I haven’t yet

Which has been your favorite shooting location and what kind of scene was it?
My favorite places for shoots have always been outdoors. In nice, hot and sunny locations. It gets very hot in latex, which can sometimes get a bit uncomfortable… but I still enjoy it a lot and the results are always fantastic!

What is one thing you would like to tell your fans about you, that they might not already know?
When I do shoots and video for my site, none of the content is acted and is all of me genuinely being very horny and enjoying myself… whether solo, with guys, girls or both. For this reason, I don’t really regard myself as a ‘porn actress’. I am just a girl who loves wearing latex and enjoys lots of sex and bondage!

Do you only enjoy sexual encounters when wearing Latex?
Well I always try to wear a little latex when possible, even if it’s just a nice pair of rubber panties. I also love to attract attention from guys when I’m out, so as well as my rubber panties I usually wear a tight top, very short skirt and stockings.
Guys love to look and every now and again I will end up giving someone a good long sucking. So I may not be in full rubber but i’m still being very naughty and dirty.

We can’t help but notice how amazing you are in performing the art of oral sex. What goes through your mind when you have a nice thick cock in your mouth?
I Love sucking cock, yes. If its rock hard, veiny and throbbing I want it in my mouth! I just get so excited and wet when I am sucking cock. I imagine all sorts of things… one of my favorites is to imagine a long line of guys waiting to be sucked, each shooting their load over my face and in my mouth, Mmmm.

How Orgasmic are you? Can you get there quick? Have you experienced multiple orgasms?
I am very orgasmic and i like to take my time getting there! I do love to be teased and play lots first Lots of sucking, fucking and play is the best way to bring me to climax. Once I’m there I just want more and more.
Once I have orgasmed once, I want to be fucked hard, repeatedly. If I want to achieve lots of orgasms quickly and I’m alone, I like to use my Hitachi Magic Wand. That drives me crazy!!

Your breasts are amazing. Are they a very erogenous zone for you? Have you ever experienced an orgasm from nipple play alone, and if so, how did it happen? Are they still sensitive through the latex?
Thank you very much Yes they are a very erogenous zone for me. I love having them played with… rubbed, squeezed, slapped, fucked… you name it! I love being fucked so hard that my tits wobble and bounce.
I love the feeling when a cock is pounding me so hard, my tits are bouncing just as hard. My nipples are very sensitive, even through latex. My favorite kind of latex is the really thin stuff. You can be covered from head to toe, but still feel the slightest touch. And of course my tits look even better bouncing around covered in shiny rubber!

Your also quite amazing at riding cock, what’s your favorite way to ride, and why?
Thank you again I don’t have one favorite, but I do enjoy doggy so I can be fucked while my ass is slapped and also suck on another cock at the same time.

Latex Lucy – House of Taboo-Set Sneak Peek

Our Favorite Latex beauty is back at the DDF Studios and looking sexier then ever! Here are a couple of Sneak Peek images of the classy Fetish babe Latex Lucy in sizzling submissive action with another DDF favorite, Angelica Heart, and some backstage insight on the construction of her new House of Taboo set at DDF Studios Aix France. Beware, your liable to be dazing off dreaming of white kitty’s and champagne after this one—with nothing else on your horny mind other then sweet and delicious pussy pie!


Backstage with Latex Lucy

This Friday was another epic day at DDF which made me really think hard about my current situation. What a RIDICULOUSLY awesome job! Stellar team to work with indeed. From the CEO Denys Defrancesco himself, to his team of highly skilled photographers and videographers, The studio team, our Make-up artist, Graphics and IT team, writers, and everyone in between. Just a rockin group of people. As I dive deeper into the individual interviews, backstage sets, and candid moments at DDF, I think you will see exactly what I mean. And I’m really finding that quite a few of the actors and actresses are quite the cool cats as well!

Today for Instance, we had the incredibly gifted Latex Lucy in the studio. She’s a rubber fetish model from London, United Kingdom, and she RULES it! I had written some stories about Lucy’s sets in the past, and it was honestly the first time I had ever really experienced this kind of fetish, in any way, shape, or form. I always imagined it to be very Techno, and Industrial, which is cool in and of itself as well, but the stuff can be damn sexy too! From the videos and photos I could tell there was a sort of magic about her, but meeting her in person was a whole other ball game. She was so classy, and cool, and let me tell you, that body of hers is an ABSOLUTE masterpiece. Chiseled to perfection. I couldn’t help but get turned on just standing next to her. Yep, I had a stiffy within like 5 seconds of being in the room with her while she was changing into her rubber attire, freakin righteous.

The suits are fantastic. They have a unique rubbery smell to them that actually invokes a sort of carnal passion and the feel of them is very erotic. We spoke candidly about her career and life, and I’ll be featuring that in an interview segment coming soon. One small tidbit I found out was that Lucy’s costumes are made completely by hand! No wonder they fit so perfectly. And when she poses for the camera with her rubber suits donned, her persona transforms into magnetic sex appeal at an uber level . Two thumbs up for this babe, check out her site Rubber-Passion below to find out more about Latex Lucy–and Members can find her hot sets on our sites linked below as well. Fetish all the way baby!