Busty babes washing car naked

Two of DDFBusty’s hottest big boobed newcomers Kelly Scarlett and Leanne Crow have come together for an utterly titillating car wash video. The busty duo put their heads, tits and many other body parts together and came up with a car washing you will never forget! Both babes are looking red hot, yet relaxed in girl next door type clothes and their hair in pony tails.

Huge breasted Leanne starts off in a little shirt with the sleeves cut off, it is unbuttoned and tied below her mind blowing boobs. She is also showing off her sexy legs and ass in some cut-off denim shorts. Busty Kelley with a pierced nipple begins in a very low-cut top that is unbuttoned to show her luxurious, cleavage. She also is showing off lots of leg and thigh in a short little denim skirt.

The girls drench each others chests so that their hard nipples bulge out from their tops as they wash the Rolls-Royce. It’s such a pleasure to see these giggling hotties washing the fine automobile as their big tits bounce, jiggle and swing. Soon they strip each others shirts off and both pairs of big wet boobs are naked for your viewing pleasure. Their lovely breasts bulge out as they are mashed against the hood of the slick black car. They also strip off their lower garments to show off every inch of their bodies as they hose each other down. Wouldn’t you love having Kelley and Leanne rubbing their big tits all over your car? I think we all would!

Kelley Scarlett shows her tits

Kelley Scarlett, has a similar look–sultry black hair, teasing dark eyes, seductive lips-except for the fact that her tits look about three times bigger than Miss Kovack’s ever were! But I couldn’t get over how much these two women look alike face-wise. Kelley could be Nancy’s daughter–although she’s not. But with her looks, Kelley could definitely inspire men to fight skeleton battalions, just as Nancy did in that flick!!

My point is that Kelley has a Hollywood-style glamour face on top of a body that’s sure to become a porn lover’s classic! And Denys DeFrancesco and his photo crews capture her perfectly. First we get sultry poses in a little black dress where Kelley teases us with her luscious cleavage, and then she strips and tantalizes us in her hot pink bra and panties. She poses on a chair outdoors, and even shows off her very shapely legs in black-and-red heels, colors well-chosen for her dusky complexion. Kelley gets on her knees, pressing her boobs together for gorgeous cleavage shots. And later we can really “feel” her firm tits with our eyes when she presses her small pink-polished fingers against them. Kelley leans back and lifts her arms, showing us her tits and her armpits and giving us a challenging expression that seems to say we’re going to have to lick every last inch of her body if she commands it!

When Kelley finally takes off her bra, we see two huge torpedos with large dark nipples, one of which has a barbell piercing. Kelley presents her beauties from many positions, and the camera lens immortalizes them all. Although she shows us her hot round ass, cleverly she covers her pussy, leaving something to our imaginations. But with tits like hers, vagina almost seems like an afterthought!!