Karina Heart Licks Her Nipples

Exciting news! One of our site’s top faves, Karina Heart, returns today in a brand new set that shows her 34H beauties in all their devastating glory!

It’s a simple scene with Karina dressed in a sea green cami, black shorts, and peep toe pumps, standing before us with a sweet friendliness as she reveals her cleavage and gets rid of her shorts. As she peels her clothes we get a delectable tease that slowly unveils her mouthwatering Czech boobs with their big pale pink nipples. Flashing her dimpled smile, Karina gets on the couch to give us sideboob views as well as squeezing her jugs with her fists and lifting them to lick the nips.

Whether she’s flashing her butt at us or laying back to let our cameras shoot her gorgeous knockers from above, Karina is a delight to watch. At the end she takes off her thong and wraps it like a lacy harness between her boobs, then lays back to let our DDF lenses capture once more in nude pics the splendor of her ever-nurturing num-nums!

Interview: Karina Heart and her Heavenly Fruits!

Hi Karina, can you tell us where your from?
I’m from Europe. From where exactly, that’s a little secret.
A secret, like in the Czech Republic?
Something like that
And what kind of sets are you currently working on for DDF?
I only do topless at the moment. Before I haven’t gone too much further then that, and I don’t plan to do again. So the sets I made were showcasing my boobs. We did a really fun set where I was driving in the passenger side of a vehicle, and well, you can imagine that my boobs were definitely getting some action. I also have a swimming pool set coming out around the 3rd week of August.
Do you have any fetishes?
Hmmm, not really. Maybe I would try Bondage. I might like that. But I would only try it with the right person, and not on film.
Bummer! Okay, what’s your favorite position?
That’s a secret. Okay, okay, no it’s Doggy Style for sure. I think you know why Other than that I basically like almost all the positions I like when there’s also creativity involved.
Is there anywhere that fans can follow you, like Facebook, or Twitter?
Right now you can follow me on Google +, I made me a new Facebook account after I got deleted, but I’m not using it much. I have no Twitter account, so if you find my name there, it’s not me (I know there are some). My fans keep asking me about my own website, I’m not working on it yet, I know, I’m a bad girl!
Hmmm, it’s kind of hard to hide those gorgeous 34H boobs you have there though. Like fruits from the Heavens. Do you have a boyfriend?
That’s a secret too….I’m not married though, as some of you might read on the internet So, you can use your imagination on that!
Do you have any secret guilty pleasures?
Not sure about it being a guilty pleasure, but I love computers and playing video games. Currently Star Wars is my favorite For the Empire!
And what else do you enjoy in your free time?
Well, I love to read, right now I’m reading ” The Girl who played with Fire”. It’s a great book! I also like to travel a lot, I’m thinking about visiting Tibet one day. Seems like such a magical place. I love to learn about different cultures and their habits.

Busty Karina Heart having bath

The amazing Karina Heart is yet another of the unforgettable models we feature here on DDFBusty.com, proving once again it’s not just the amount of breastworks a lady brings in front of the lens, but the amount of personality she also shows when she’s posing for Denys DeFrancesco and his masterly camera crews.

Here we see Karina in an “earth mother” mode, full of vivacious life, her eyes smiling and flirtatious, almost like one of those voluptuous females in the Italian cinema of the 50s and 60s like Sophia Loren or Silvana Mangano, as she bursts out of a simple white shift over her white bra and thong while relaxing in a garden. We get an incredible cleavage show throughout, as Karina climbs into a fountain and soaks herself while still in the shift, drenching her body.

Karina frolics in the water, taking out her tits and pouring the liquid all over her pale nipples and 34H splendor. Then she takes off her panties and spreads her pussy for us, rubbing the wet clothing against her snatch and then stuffing it with a pink plastic dildo. She also stands over us with her jugs hovering like twin moons over the landscape, licking her lips and encouraging us to take out our peckers and spurt for her arousing beauty.

And there are some shots in this photo set that should be on a museum wall! Indeed, many classic painters like Renoir or Rubens would have reveled in the curvy magnificence of Karina Heart, just as we do!

Karina Heart’s gigantic tits!

The crew at DDF Productions decided that it was about time that the incredible big tits of sexy Karina Heart were immortalized. They created a mould of Karina’s perfect breasts! You can see the entire process only at DDFBusty. Everyone had lots of fun lubing Karina up and then splattering and pouring the mould batter all over her torso. Karina’s huge boobs stand out proudly on her chest and look so good as the ladies slick them up in preparation. The huge breasted superstar was a good sport even though she had to stand with her hands raised for a long time as the mould was caked onto her body. She had a big smile the whole time. When she took the mould off there were perfect imprints of her history making tits! Seeing busty babe Karina getting her naked body all messy will be shure to make your crotch throb. She is such a hottie!

Karina Heart soloing outdoors

Luscious and busty Karina Hart has some brand new content at DDFBusty. The big boobed hottie is outside licking a lolly-pop. She wears a cute little dress that quickly comes off. Karina’s big tits are as huge as ever and look incredible bulging out of her bra. Soon the bra is off as well and you can see Karina’s plump nipples standing out atop her huge breasts. Karina does a naughty strip tease until she is naked except for her high heels. She shows off her big boobs in all kinds of ways including tit fucking her lollipop while she licks at the sweet candy. She rubs the all day sucker against her pussy as she begins to masturbate. Boob fans are going to love this one so be sure to take a look at Karina and her huge tits!