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In today’s raunchy roleplay, Detective Jasmine Black has a suspect to interrogate. Although her record as a police officer has been sterling up until now, she has never been confronted with an alleged perp like David Perry…whose carnal charisma clouds her judgment, and warms her 34DD cleavage…in a steamy scene of big breast sex captured in ready to download XXX video!

Perhaps her first mistake was in showing off so much cleavage during the questioning. Now her once-immaculate police career is on the downhill slide as she first teases David with her nightstick before taking down her blouse, kneeling before his massive cock, and taking off his handcuffs…

Detective Black spreads her lush Romanian thighs for his tool, lets him glom on her tits with his hungry mouth, and then bends over her desk to take his shaft!

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As he boffs her from behind, David lifts up the detective’s tits to her mouth, having her lick her nipples even as his meat fills her unprincipled pussy. Then after kneeling to blow him some more, she rides him reverse cowgirl style and shows off her bouncing knockers in all their horny need. She looks like she’s ready to take on a whole cellblock of cunny-starved cock!

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There are few things more satisfying than getting rock hard and splattering cum over a pair of spectacular milk makers, as Jasmine Black demonstrates when she takes James Brossman under her wing. Or perhaps I should phrase that “under her rack”? The boobiferous Jas is one of our top faves here at the site, and this marks her 28th session of sensuously stimulating our sperm. Her newest adventure starts in an office where she seduces James, playing a scruffy porter who’s cleaning the carpet. He’s not particularly tough to seduce (would YOU be??) as Miss Black quickly gets him fondling her 34DDs in her lavender bra, sucking on her nipples, and then sticking his stiff shaft into her ready mouth.

Some girls look especially beautiful with dick in their lips, and Jasmine Black is most assuredly one of these charismatic types! But she also looks great with meat plowing her cleavage and entering her pussy when she’s kneeling on the desk. But what makes this pictorial original is how James starts to use his vacuum nozzle to suck Jasmine’s big crinkly nipples. The tube sucks up her nubs as she closes her eyes in a new type of ecstasy.

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Jasmine Black is looking amazing! I think her boobs are bigger than ever. The buxom brunette still sports her trademark all over tan and is still horny as ever! To begin this sexy solo girl video Jasmine’s big bra-less tits jiggle under a loose fitting blue summer dress. She strips and shows us her amazing big boobs.

Posing in a doorway she looks incredibly tempting as she stretches her arms up overhead. There is something extra special about seeing a busty babe topless with her arms up over her head! Jasmine’s bare tits look so vulnerable like that, totally defenseless against our marauding hands! There is also something wondrous about watching Jasmine suck on her own nipples like in the photo above.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, we have something exceptional this week! Besides having mouthwatering 34DD boobies, the Romanian-born Jasmine Black has an expressive, sexy face that makes her pictures extra-compelling. And it was clear she was enjoying her massage under Nick’s attentive hands.

First, however, Jasmine does a striptease for us, so we can give ourselves a little massage, if you know what I mean and I’m sure you do! Then masseur Nick arrives, takes off Jasmine’s towel, and has her stretch out on the table. He oils her breasts and thoroughly rubs and squeezes every inch. The cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews capture the action from all conceivable angles, bringing us almost as close as Nick’s lucky mitts.

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