Ann Marie fisting her pussy

Ann Marie La Sante … Still waters run deep, as old phrase goes, and this cutie pie brunette really surprises us by showing off an unusual skill: cramming half her hand up her snatch! Still on the house painting location of her previous pictorial on 10/7/10, Ann Marie uses a brush to lube up her shaved pussy with some oil, and then proceeds to stuff herself to the brim with all five fingers! Tight closeups by Denys DeFrancesco and his photo crews bring us right up to the cavern-like darkness of her pussy when our girl takes out her fingers for a little break. Ann Marie fills herself on her back and in the doggie style mode, and often has a beaming smile! Maybe that’s because she discovered where she misplaced her car keys?

Ann Marie La Sante’s footjob

Extremely limber Ann Marie La Sante gives Choky Ice a truly memorable fetish experience in this footjob thriller. After getting Choky to playfully eat some crackers which she sticks between her foot and the sole of her strappy high-heeled shoe, Ann Marie rubs his face with her pantyhose-covered feet and gets him to suck at her pantyhose-encased ass. After taking her feet in his mouth, Mr. Ice pours oil on her legs and rubs it into her pantyhose until her gams have a glowing sheen as she stretches them out behind her. What a strange sensation that must be, to have your pantyhosed legs oiled up! Ann Marie takes Choky’s huge dick between her feet and gets it slippery with the oil too. Enormous closeups show her red-polished toes through the fabric as she jacks Choky’s chicken, until she finally takes mercy on him and tears a hole in the crotch of her pantyhose so he can finally touch her bare pussy. All this leads to a wild climax where the apparently double-jointed Ann Marie sucks his dick while licking at her left foot at the same time, like a human pretzel. It all ends with a huge blast of Choky’s cream on her soles that she happily laps up before presenting her feet in huge closeup, as if to ask us if she missed any spots! For this orgasm-winning performance, Ann Marie is Model of the Day.